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Re: Poke hat

Post by HeatherH » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:01 pm

I remember going to our local corner store with pennies for a pokey hat from my Mum and getting such strange looks. Probably because I was in Newfoundland. I couldn't understand why they didn't know I wanted an Ice Cream. It's what we always called them at home. I soon learned I had to translate from words we used at home to those used in town. Same problem when Mum sent me for a pound of mince at the butchers. But, luckily they soon got used to us and our strange words lol.
Anne I have enjoyed quite a few pokey hats from Nardini's in Largs. Yum.
I recently found out my Great Aunt's father was an Ice Cream maker when he immigrated from Italy to England.
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