Buist Family

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Buist Family

Post by alfred99 » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:36 pm

Hello everyone

My ancestor George Buist emigrated from Scotland with his parents in 1815. They were installed in the province of Quebec in Canada.

I Looking for information on his birth. According to the Canadian census he was born in 1812.

These parents are George Buist and Margaret Donaldson. They married on December 1, 1803 in Creich Fifes. They were seven children in the family.

I found 5 -Margaret born october 31, 1804, Creich. -Alexander born December 31, 1805, Creich. -William born January 4, 1807, Creich. Elizabeth born July 8, 1811, Creich

Georges born in 1812. There is also a Henry Buist.

found this information on FamilySearch and there was no act. Do you know where I could find the right acts ?

would also like to confirm the parents of George Buist and Margaret Donaldson. It would Georges Buist and Catherine Miller for Georges.

It would Thomas Donaldson and Helen Buchanan for Margaret.

Thank you to all those who provide me with information.

Sincerely Frédéric Grünert

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