Can Anyone help me?

Looking for Scottish Ancestors

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Post by Currie » Thu Apr 03, 2008 3:09 am

Thanks Trish,

I usually forget to mention that. In fact when I bought a NSW death certificate last year, my first Australian certificate for over 15 years, I just blindly clicked the BUY button and didn’t wake up to the fact until the following day that I should have got a transcription.

You live and learn. (hopefully)


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Post by sarone » Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:30 am

Thank you to all for your valuable suggestions.
I did find out that my mother was actually born a few years before my grandmother married Austin Kershaw. Also found out that he adopted my mother when she was 14 years old.
My mother died at 40 years old in 1971 and she never knew this information.
I have extensive knowledge of NSW BDM site and have gained access to a lot of useful info regarding other parts of the family tree, but I know that on a death certificate, the information can be greatly inaccurate. This was the situation when checking my own father's death certificate a few years ago. My stepmother did not know a lot of details regarding his age, previous marriages and even his parents' full names etc.
My brother and I were able to correct this information as we were also next of kin.
My Grandmother Jane's only son, Ted Kershaw would have been the next of kin to complete her death certificate and I know he didn't have much idea of her background either. Therefore, I suspect that the death certificate is grossly inaccurate. As he has since passed away in 1998, My brother and I would be next of kin and I will try and obtain a copy of the marriage certificate.
I have felt that there has been a lot of false information given and that may even extend to the marriage certificate also.
The biggest of these being that my mother was never told that Austin Kershaw was not her natural father.


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Post by trish1 » Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:35 am

Hi Wendy

You also have had problems with stories on death certificates :D I have just recently found one where the mother hid the fact that her marriage was some years after the birth of the first child to the couple. On her husband's death certificate, she changed the marriage and the location to 10 years earlier in a different country!

I am slightly unsure as to which marriage certificate you reference in your last post, as if it is the one in the 1930s, anyone can obtain it - you do not have to be related. After 1957 you have to be the couple or next of kin to get a marriage certificate in NSW. The 1930s marriage should provide the parents and birth place for Jane Johnstone, which would help identify the possible births on SP


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Re: Can Anyone help me?

Post by theflb » Sun Apr 26, 2015 5:46 am

Thanks Russell

Was trying to figure out how this works. The buttons are all so small on my phone. Have found the pm button you mentioned.

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Re: Can Anyone help me?

Post by Russell » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:27 am

Hi Funky
We do enjoy convoluted stories here on talkingscot but some of your information is getting a bit close and personal. You can contact Wendy privately using the PM (personal message) button which shows up on the right side of her posts. That way you can exchange e-mail addresses and sort out all the relationships.
I didn't want to edit out some of your information (most of which rather breaches our guidelines on privacy :( ) since a lot is supposition but between you -in private -you might be able to sort out some true facts.
Good luck with unravelling the Gorgian knot.

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Re: Can Anyone help me?

Post by sarone » Tue May 26, 2015 3:55 am

Thanks Russell,

Yes, Funky is my 1st cousin, so I was very pleased to hear from him and join in building our family tree.

I have a further question to ask re the Johnston Family.
Did my Great grandparents, Robert and Williamina Johnston have other children? My grandmother Jane Pirie Johnston Kershaw (1907-1990) never said much about her family in Scotland, although I have a few very old pics with first names only written on the back, whom are obviously relatives.
I have traced a Robert Downie Johnston (1910-2003) and a Grace Stewart Johnston (1909-1993) as having the same parents, but am not sure where to go to confirm this and whether they had any more siblings and also possible spouses and decendants. If the information so far is correct and they did have children, then they would be the absolute closest Scottish relatives to myself, my brother and cousin in Australia.
It would be great to have some closure to this mystery family.


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