Greig ancestors /Aberdeen area

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Greig ancestors /Aberdeen area

Post by sandal1 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 2:18 am

Hi, I am looking for ancestors of my g grandfather George Fraser Greig born in Aberdeen in 1857. He emmigrated to Australia with his parents in approx 1862 on the sailing ship "Conway". I am planning a visit to Scotland and would like to visit the area they lived in. Some years ago I found a site(not sure what it was) that showed a lot of Greigs born in the Newmachar area of Aberdeen but have since not been able to find the site. His daughter(my grandmother) was Janet Milne Greig. I suspect her grandmothers maiden name may have been Milne but this is only a hunch. Would appreciate any help in finding his ancestors and where they lived. Thank you.

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Post by paddyscar » Sat Jan 03, 2009 5:43 am

Hi Sandal1 and a warm welcome to TalkingScot [scotland-flag]

ScotlandsPeople is a pay-per-view site which gives you access to government registrations for birth, marriage, death and census.

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) ... search.asp is a free search site of the LDS church, in which I've found the following:

Form submitted by a member of the LDS Church
Marriage: Mary Milne and George Greig 05 JUN 1856 Fintray, Aberdeen, Scotland
Husband Age at Marriage: 25
Wife Age at Marriage: 25

Extracts from church records provide the following:
Based on the ages given at marriage, there is a birth 03 Aug 1830 and Christening 20 Sep 1830 for George born to Alexander Greig and Jane Fraser in New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland.

To find children listed as born to George Greig and Mary Milne, enter the father name and mother name only on the search form. Scroll down the list of results to the section subheading International Genealogical Index - British Isles - #68-74
  • Mary Haugh Greig, Birth 12 Dec. 1851; Christening 14 Dec 1851 Saint Vigeans, Angus, Scotland
    Female, 11 Aug 1856, Keithhall and Kinkell, Aberdeen Scotland
    Male, 11 AUG 1856, Keithhall And Kinkell, Aberdeen, Scotland
    George Milne Greig Birth: 14 JUN 1857 New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
    JAMES MILNE GREIG Birth: 28 AUG 1858 New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Female, 14 Feb 1860 New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland
    William Berry Greig Birth 16 JUN 1861 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Looks like a church-going family, so you're likely to find other information than I've given you here.

Statutory registration began in Scotland in 1855, so these items can be verified on ScotlandsPeople as well, and it is worth looking at those to get further information.

Hope this sets you off on a good footing,

John Kelly (b 22 Sep 1897) eldest child of John Kelly & Christina Lipsett Kelly of Glasgow

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Greig ancestors

Post by sandal1 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:50 am

Thank you sooo much for the info that you posted. It is fantastic to be getting somewhere after so much searching and the birth of George to Alexander Greig and Jane Fraser at last explains the Fraser that was passed down as a second name to my g. g'father plus one of my g'ma's brothers. However, to find the children of George Greig and Mary Milne you say to scroll to Int. Gen. index _ B.Isles 68-74 - however when I put in their names I get "No records'. Can you help out with this also- I must be missing something. On your posting their is a female born 1860 Newmachar also - my g'ma always said there was a child left behind in Scotland - why I am not sure but may have been too young to make the journey. As an interesting aside - whilst watching a programme of Antiques Roadshow last year that had been filmed in Aberdeen - one of the people interviewed on the program was an old lady in her 80's who could have been my g'ma's twin a couple of generations removed.It was truly bizarre to see the resemblance. You have been a great help so far - many thanks again.

Anne H
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Post by Anne H » Sat Jan 03, 2009 8:55 am

Hi sandal1 and a warm welcome to TalkingScot from me too. [scotland-flag]

Frances is most likely asleep right now, as I should be, so here's how to find the children Frances found for you... ... _form=true
When you open the page, look at the left of page and click on 'International Genealogical Index'
At the right hand side enter the name of 'Father' and 'Mother'
Go down to 'Region' and click on 'British Isles'
Finally, click on 'Search' button...this will bring up all the children Frances found for you. :)

Good Luck!

Anne H

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Post by nelmit » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:43 am

The 1861 census shows them with only George and James. So either Mary was away from home on census night or she hadn't survived.

Name: George F Greig
Age: 3
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1858
Relationship: Son
Father's Name: George
Mother's Name: Mary
Gender: Male
Where born: Newmachar, Aberdeenshire
Registration Number: 168A
Registration district: St Nicholas
Civil Parish: St Nicholas
County: Aberdeenshire
Address: 5 Young Street
ED: 20
Household schedule number: 206
Line: 8
Roll: CSSCT1861_24
Household Members:
Name Age
George Greig 30
Mary Greig 30
George F Greig 3
James M Greig 2


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re Greig family

Post by sandal1 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:23 am

Thanks again Anne H and Annette. Fantastic to get their address from the census. I am guessing that it would be in Newmachar? and is St Nicholas the parish that encompasses the Newmachar area or just where the birth was registered.
Re the children listed as born to George Greig and Mary Milne - do you think they are all to this Mary and George as the 1851 birth of Mary is before the 1857 date that I have listed for their marriage. Is it possible to find the names of the children that are listed just as male and female? If they are all of the same family I wonder if I can find out if they all came to Australia - I know for sure that James Milne Greig came with his parents and brother George Fraser Greig who is shown on this index as George Milne Greig? which is all a bit confusing. I also have a different birth date for George Fraser Greig -- 26.8.1857. Thanks again for all your help.

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Post by StewL » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:49 am

Hi Sandal1
It isn't possible to search for children by gender, when searching for children they are always listed (where available :lol: ) usually in birth order not by gender

Searching for: Anderson, Balks, Barton, Courtney, Davidson, Downie, Dunlop, Edward, Flucker, Galloway, Graham, Guthrie, Higgins, Laurie, Mathieson, McLean, McLuckie, Miln, Nielson, Payne, Phillips, Porterfield, Stewart, Watson

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Re: re Greig family

Post by AndrewP » Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:52 am

sandal1 wrote:I am guessing that it would be in Newmachar? and is St Nicholas the parish that encompasses the Newmachar area or just where the birth was registered.
St Nicholas was mostly within the city of Aberdeen. New Machar was out of the city to the north of Old Machar, which lay immediately north of the city.

Select sheet 77 - Aberdeen

Aberdeen City Parish (including St Nicholas Parish) is in green just below the centre of the map. Old Machar is the yellow parish above that. New Machar is the purple parish above-left of Old Machar.

All the best,


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Greig ancestors

Post by sandal1 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:05 am

Thanks Andrew - do you think the 1861 census address of 5 Young St would have been in Newmachar?

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Post by sandal1 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 3:13 am

Hi Stewie
What I meant was that on the list of children recorded to George and Mary Greig(Nee Milne) that Frances was kind enough to send me on a previous posting, some births are just recorded as male and female with a date and district shownbut no name. I was trying to find out if I could search somehow for their actual birth names. Thanks anyway for your reply.

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