James Miller/Millar and Ann Gardner

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James Miller/Millar and Ann Gardner

Post by Wheeo » Thu Oct 26, 2017 11:16 am

Dear all
James Miller/Millar and Ann Gardner were married on 8 July 1787 in Glasgow. James was a merchant/muslin manufacturer from Glasgow and Ann was from Abbey Parish in Paisley. Their children were all born in Glasgow:
- twins William and James born 19 February 1789
- Ann born 30 September 1790
- Janet born 7 May 1792
- James born 5 March 1994
- William born 19 April 1797
- Elisabeth born 20 December 1798
- Helen born 20 July 1800
- John born 28 April 1802
- David born 23 April 1804
- Jean born 17 January 1806
- Agnes born 15 Jan 1808
- Margaret born 1 November 1809
I've looked at posts about muslin manufacturers on this site and it seems that James should have a listing in a business directory but I cant work out whether any of the James Millers are mine. Would Kirk records for Glasgow tell me anything and where should I look? Are there any other sources I should try? So far I can only find one son (my relative) - John born in 1802 who was a weaver and hawker of glasses and in 1829 was transported as a convict to New South Wales. His crimes of theft occurred in Glasgow - near Stockwell Street and on the boat between Glasgow and Greenock. Are there any other descendants out there? I live in Sydney NSW so any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Regards Wheeo

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