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Re: Johnstone Churchyard Renfrewshire.....

Post by Russell » Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:17 pm

Hi Sandra. Sarah suggested I'd be along soon. Hope this is soon enough.
I'm slightly confused by the entry 'Johnstone church, Kilbarchan parish'. You did not give a date for the marriage but Kilbarchan was, and still is a separate parish from Johnstone. The High Church in Johnstone was built in the 1790's. Kilbarchan had two main churches - what is now called the West from early 1200's. The East church was originally a Secceder or Relief church built in 1798 and all marriage certificates I have seen are very specific about which church minister was involved. If the entry is as you say I would appreciate a copy so that I can tease out where it took place. (send me your e-mail by PM if you like)
Some of the photos of the High Church are lovely and it is a most unusual octagonal shape. Quite unusual for an Established church of Scotland.


PS I suggested Personal Message in case the date fell outside the permitted dates we use
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