Cemeteries, Churchyards and Monumental Inscriptions; Links

Churchyards and Monumental Inscriptions, Burial and headstone information

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Cemeteries, Churchyards and Monumental Inscriptions; Links

Post by LesleyB » Thu Nov 30, 2006 11:56 pm

The following articles and information may help with your research:

Monumental Inscriptions & related web links
Click the link below for a list of web sites which contain MIs and/or burial information for various areas. If you find any others which you think would be useful please post them in this area of the forum or send me a PM & I'll update the list.

Deaths before 1855 – Monumental Inscriptions
Monumental Inscriptions, usually referred to as MIs, refer to the text on a grave stone and can be a huge help in determining a date of death for those who died before Statutory Registration in 1855. However, as is the case with the Old Parish Records (OPRs) there is a certain amount of luck involved as to whether an MI exists for the person you are looking for. Read more here....
http://talkingscot.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 1801#31801

Deaths in the OPRs
Looking for deaths before Statutory Registration in 1855 can be a difficult task – there may be mention of a death in the OPRs (Old Parish Registers) but so much depends on which parish your ancestors lived in and any surviving records there may be from that parish. Read more here...

Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAI)
An interesting article from "Retour", the newsletter of the Scottish Records Association.

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