Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

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Re: Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

Post by Currie » Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:10 am

Hello Julie,

“Stations of the British Army”, which was published monthly from maybe the late 1850s in the newspapers of the time, has the 71st Regiment at Bombay with its Depot at Stirling on 1st January 1859. The 42nd Regiment (Royal Highland) and 92nd Regiment (Gordon Highlanders) Depots were also at Stirling. The Depots were for recruitment, training, and administration etc purposes.

According to the 71st from 1810 was the 71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot (Light Infantry), consisting of one Battalion (the 1st) stationed in India in 1859 plus its Depot Battalion stationed in the UK.

Most of the British Army appears to have been in India in January, 1859, being entertained by The Mutiny.

The 1841 Census was in June. The Caledonian Mercury, May 13, 1841, refers to the Depot of the 71st, which had been at Dundee for 12 months, being conveyed to Aberdeen to replace the 93rd depot. In October they were still there. In March 1842 the Depot moved to Stirling. The 1st Battalion seems to have been in Canada. An officer (Redmond Rochfort Uniacke) was accidentally shot at a place called Isle-aux-Noix (near Montreal?) on 3rd January, 1842, by an officer of the 70th. (skylarking)

The Caledonian Mercury, March 7, 1842 has fifty to sixty privates of the 71st, three officers plus a number of NCOs marching from Aberdeen to Strathbogie to keep the peace over a Church matter. The same newspaper, May 7, 1842, has 350 men of the 71st embarking at Leith for Gosport. Later mention that this was the Depot which would apparently end up at Winchester.

The Caledonian Mercury, June 9, 1842, has a reference to the Paymaster of the 71st, at present stationed in St John’s, Canada.

The 1851 Census was in March. Freeman's Journal, July 16, 1850, has the Band of the 71st playing in Dublin. The Daily News, (London), July 21, 1851 reported movement of troops in Ireland – the 1st Battalion, 71st Regiment, from Mullingar, will arrive at Newry on the 23rd inst.

The Morning Chronicle (London), August 13, 1851, reports a riot in Toronto, Canada – a Company of the 71st Regiment arrives from the Barracks. A report in Freeman’s Journal, August 28, 1851, has the 71st Regiment of Highlanders parading in Toronto.

The Belfast News-Letter, January 26, 1852, reports a Company of the 71st Regiment leaving Newry for Rostrevor.

It’s all very confusing. The 71st appears to have been in both Canada and Ireland around 1851 census time. (only one battalion in this period plus depot) has the following as Regiment locations. 1838 Canada, 1843 West Indies, 1847 UK, 1853 Ionian Islands, Corfu, 1855 Crimea, 1856 Malta, 1857, at sea (via Egypt), 1858 India, Bombay, 1858 Mhow, 1858 Sepoy rebellion, 1858 India, 1863 Umbeyla campaign.

The Royal Highland Fusiliers was formed from The Royal Scots Fusiliers, and The Highland Light Infantry which itself had been formed in 1881 from the 71st (Highland) and 74th (Highland) Regiments of Foot.

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders was formed in 1881 from the 91st (Argyllshire Highlanders) and 93rd (Sutherland Highlanders) Regiments of Foot. On 1st January 1859 the 91st and 93rd were in India with Depots at Pembroke and Aberdeen respectively.

Hope that isn’t too confusing,

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Re: Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

Post by Julie » Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:28 am

Hi Alan

Thank you so much for all the info.

I know that Hugh Farmer was in Canada for nearly 10 years and also in the Crimea - though he didn't go to India.

Thomas went to India and Crimea but John is a mystery - When I went to Kew I was a complete novice and was flumoxed by their being 2 John McLarens in the Regiment and not knowing which one was the right one. There were 3 army numbers between them too which was confusing. One of the John McLarens was in the West Indies but they both appeared and disappeared off the Muster Lists I was looking at. I think a return to Kew is needed.

Pity their service documents haven't survived.

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Re: Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

Post by Moraig » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:24 pm

Hi Julie, I know this is an old discussion thread, but John McLaren is also my ancestor through Jane McLaren and James Henderson. I've been able to look at the death toll for the Indian Rebellions from mid-1850's-59. He is not listed on the death list for the 71st in any Indian campaign, which you can now view online.

Did you find out when he was born. Could you direct me to his army records?


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Re: Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

Post by carlineric » Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:36 pm

I have had a look at the deaths of Johns in Crieff in 1859 (only 11). There is the death of a John McCulloch age 48 with a mother's maiden name of Mclaren. There could have be a mistake made as it is likely that the informant would not have known him leaing to errors.


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Re: Army states John McLaren died 17 January 1859

Post by Bertha » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:23 pm

Does it give an occupation on the dc? Interested as I am also researching McLaren. I've found various mispellings of the name. My own great grandparents were mistranscribed as McLean in the 1911 census.
looking for
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