Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

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Post by caroline_d » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:24 pm

Hi Melody

One thing I picked up a while ago was that a John Weild had shares in a Ship - so possibly a connection to your Weild who was a mariner? Also Agnes Weild in my tree had a father called John but because of the naming patters it may not be the same John.

The information I've come across is:

Date: 07/02/1848 Ship Name/No: ROSE Port: Dumfries Registration Number: Type: Square rigged. Burthen: 201 50/100 Length (ft): 87 8/10 Breadth (ft): 21 3/10 Hold (ft): 15 1/10 Description: One deck, 3 masts. Standing bowsprit.
Square stern, carvel built. No galleries, woman's bust fugurehead.

Master: WRIGHT, John

Owners: WEILD, John, Annan, Ship Owner 16 shares.
WRIGHT, John, Dumfries, Master Mariner 32 shares.
WRIGHT, William, Dumfries, 16 shares.

History: Built at St Peters Port, Guernsey 1836, registered at Glasgow 13 Aug. 1844.
Cancelled - vessel wrecked at Barbados 1849.

Surveyor: GORDON, Thomas, Glasgow.

Later Masters: None.
Looking for information on the following:
Hope family, Roxburgh, especially Wilhelmina Hope
Weild family, Dornock,
Blenkinsop family

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by soapy » Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:33 am

Hello I too have found Weilds from Annan. My mother's father was a Burnett from Middlebie/Annan area. One of her cousins called Ixxxx Mxxxx Burnett was married to Axxx Hxxx Weild DOB [long after 1911]

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by SarahND » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:01 am

Hello soapy and [TS_welcome]
I have X-ed out some of the details of the people you mention, since they are very likely to be still living, or only very recently deceased. See the Essential Reading topic: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6601

If you run into any brick walls tracing backwards from these people, don't hesitate to post your questions, as long as they respect the rules above.

All the best,

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by skasd1970 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:09 am

My Weild family are also from Dornock

George Weild - can't find a birth, marriage or death record for him and he must have died before the first official census of 1841. I need to try and trace him on some of the parish census records they had for Dumfrieshire. However he was named on his childrens birth records and his wifes death record.

George Weild b circa 1775 probably Annan area (too early to be a son of your John so more likely to be a brother perhaps?)
Married Janet Little approx 1796

George b 02Aug1797 Dornock
Elizabeth b 27Jan1801 Dornock
Elspeth 29Jan1803 Dornock
Janet 15Dec1807 Dornock
Joan c1810 Dornock
John c1811 Dornock
Jane c1814 Dornock
Francis c1815 Dornock

Joan is my family link and she seems to have remained in Dornock until at least her husbands (William Steel/e) death in 1883 and then went to live with her brother Francis in Gallaberry (Annan) where she died in 1891

I seem to have found a brick wall too going back any further. There seems to be a gap in birth records around 1810 (where I don't have confirmation can only go by later census, marriage or death records) and pre 1800 records as I can't find marriages or many birth records for the Weilds or the Steeles.

Kate Hennessy nee Steele

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by Currie » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:05 pm

Hello Kate and Welcome to TalkingScot.

Unfortunately Dornock OPRs are full of holes, as can be seen from the following, from “Detailed List of the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland”, published 1872.

Dornock.—B. M. and D. (Burials) intermixed till 1783. B. Blank (exc. three entries) Sept. 1792—Feb. 1794. M. Blank March 1783—Aug. 1796, after which again intermixed with the B. No entries Aug. 1798—Nov. 1801, and only two entries Dec. 1801—Nov. 1805. No entries Aug. 1811—Nov. 1813, and only one (for 1818) Nov. 1814—20. D. Burials till 1783, intermixed with B. and M. Blank Sept. 1783—Oct. 1798, after which only two entries of Deaths, dated 1798, and one entry of Burial for 1802.

Or, worded slightly differently here: (use the search box at the top right of that page to find other parishes) https://www.familysearch.org/learn/wiki ... ,_Scotland

All the best,

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by its me » Wed Feb 21, 2018 1:40 pm

Came across some infomation concerning the Weild Family,
Cummertrees is mentioned as a possible birth place of James weild
supposed to have had a Whitesmiths Business, a maker of fine steel furnishings

Did go to America, but returned
Buried in the village churchyard at Cummertrees
has 5 sons and daughters??
James weild the eldest son went to America and lost touch with his family, he was a whitesmith.
Isabella Weild married Thomas Gibson, clog maker in Annan was a good painter and made violins
David Weild trained as a carpenter, went to America from Liverpool a keen naturalist.
Mary Weild went to New York married William Loudon a contractor whose birth place was Paisley
Magaret Weild a sewing maid went to work in Liverpool and returned to Annan and married David Watt who was a bookbinder
lived at Fairfield Place Annan
Thats all I have on the Weilds

my relative is James Weild Watt
through his son Eli ??
and Leonora Bray of Huddersfield

Hope this Helps some one , and good hunting
Ps The U.S.A. have all the records of ships, and passenger lists plus all lists of people entering

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Re: Weild family Dornock/Annan, Dumfries.....

Post by Cazruss » Sun Sep 08, 2019 3:03 pm

Hi I recently searched my maiden name (Weild) and came across your post, my Grandfather was from Annan, Dumfriesshire I also have uncles and aunts called Jane/Ian/Alan and John who are all still living thankfully, I am also in contact with a cousin in Scotland who is the daughter of my great uncle Billy Weild.

Cheers Caroline Hayes was Weild in Brighton, East Sussex

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