Dumfries missing link.....

Looking for Scottish Ancestors

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Post by DavidMK » Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:01 pm

Davie, the following is from my tree.

Descendants of James McNaught
Page 1
23 Oct 2004
1. James McNaught
sp: Julia Duncan
2. David Armstrong McNaught (b.Abt 1815-Glasgow;d.15 Nov 1891)
sp: Elizabeth McCrossan (b.Abt 1819-Glasgow)
3. Agnes Duncan McNaught (c.19 Feb 1843-Glasgow,Scotland)
3. Alexander McNaught (c.20 Oct 1844-Glasgow,Scotland)
3. Julia McNaught (b.1855-Glasgow)
3. Janet McNaught (b.24 Apr 1857)
3. Unknown male McNaught (b.10 Oct 1858-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
3. Elizabeth McNaught (b.11 Nov 1860-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
3. Walter McNaught (b.8 Sep 1863-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
3. John McNaught (c.8 Apr 1841-Barony,Glasgow)
sp: Isabella ** Roy (b.Abt 1840;m.26 Sep 1862)
4. Rachel McNaught (b.21 Nov 1862-Glasgow)
4. Georgina McNaught (b.Abt 1870-Glasgow)
4. Jane McNaught (b.21 Nov 1862-Glasgow)
4. William R. McNaught (b.Abt 1876-Glasgow)
4. Ann McNaught (b.Abt 1879-Glasgow)
4. Agnes McNaught (b.Abt 1880-Glasgow)
4. Mary Roy McNaught (b.14 Apr 1868-Glasgow)
4. Isabella Roy McNaught (b.22 Jun 1864-Glasgow)
3. William McCrossan McNaught (c.12 May 1839-Barony,Glasgow;d.25 Jul 1902)
sp: Margaret Park (b.Abt 1844-Glasgow;m.22 Apr 1864;d.8 Jul 1906)
4. John Park McNaught (b.11 Apr 1872-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
4. James McNaught (b.7 Jul 1874-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
4. David McNaught (b.26 Jul 1864-Bridgeton,Glasgow)
sp: Agnes Hill (b.1863)
4. Hannah P. McNaught (b.Abt 1877-Glasgow)
sp: John Kerr
4. Eliza McCrossan McNaught (b.1 May 1870-Glasgow)
sp: John (or Robert) Gray
4. William McNaught (b.1880-Glasgow)
4. Margaret McNaught (b.15 Sep 1866-Glasgow;d.2 Feb 1947)
sp: John Kilgour (b.13 Apr 1856-Glasgow,Scotland;m.14 Dec 1888;d.Abt 1909)

I have no info on descendants of generation 3 except John shown here and my ggfather Wm Mccrossan Mcnaught.Thanks for the info on John Park McNaughts death, I was unaware of that.On Wm and Mgts children, I have nothing further (death marriage or whatever) on James, Eliza and William.

Re John , married to Isabella Roy, i am not sure if this family is mine. They stayed at same address on New Street as my grandmother so have made the assumption he is my John, but who knows?

John Park's daughter Margaret signed his birth cert and gave his parents as Walter Park and Janet Milligan, and birthplace Dumfries.

Any information you have to fill in any blanks would be appreciated.(i will be away from my computer for a week, visiting living members of my tree (two generations removed) which is much more fun


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Post by Davie » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:26 pm

Hi David,
On a first wee check on my files, have managed to find some information for you.
Elizabeth McCrossan died in Camlachie 1896, aged 76.
A few of the children died in infancy or quite young.
The Roy family is not connected to your own line.
When you come back on get in touch and I will paas on what I have.
Hope yer living rellies are doin' well.

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Post by DavidMK » Tue Jan 02, 2007 7:21 pm

Happy New Year to one and all. For those in Scotland I hope the winds didnt upset your Hogmanay Plans. In Wnnipeg we had a foot of snow but just about everybody was able to get out by evening, although we are still digging out.

Davie, thanks for your interest and help with my McNaughts. I would like any more info you have on them, and you can either email me or post it on TS

I was interested in your note about Elizabeth McCrossan’s death date. I wonder if that’s the same one I found . I ordered a copy of the death certificate but it turned out to be a spinster named Elisabeth McNaught, about the same age as my Elisabeth but definitely not her. Her husband David McN died in 1891 and Elizabeth was alive at that time. What do you think?


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McNaughton and Park Families Ayr

Post by DorothyCoe » Sun Oct 14, 2007 12:56 pm

Hi Davie
I came across your post by chance and I see you have details of the McNaughton/Park families,
Finlay McNaughton and Jane Park married in 1856 in Riccarton Ayr, are my gggparents. I think that Finlay's parents were John McN and Ann Stevenson, and that he had a number of siblings, including another Finlay born 1814. My initial research of this line has poor old Ann Stevenson having a child every 2 or 3 years from 1806 until 1831, although it seems as if they didn't all survive, (though I haven't got the length of finding death certificates for all of them.) Can this be right? Or have I mixed up 2 families here?
I' sure you'll be able to set me right.
I'm fascinated also to read that the McNaughtons may have come from Antrim and would like to know more about that too.
Dorothy Coe
Family Names: Coe, Atkinson, Kerney, Ramsay, McGregor, McCurrach, McNaughton, Mackie, Horne, Cordiner, Milne, Porter, Gibson

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Re: Dumfries missing link.....

Post by jennyblain » Fri Aug 23, 2019 5:11 pm

David! I hope this may reach you! This is Jenny Blain here, I'm at your cousin Margaret's and we were just talking about you and McNaughts and Kilgours, and I went online to see if I could find a tree for a relative of Margaret who's been asking about her family...
Do you have an updated tree that I can access?
All best wishes, Jenny

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Re: Dumfries missing link.....

Post by DavidMK » Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi Jenny, my updated tree is not available online. I can send you what you need if you let me know what you are interested in. Margaret has my email and phone No (I think).kilgour1atmtsdot.net if you are still there when you get this, email or message me and I will phone.
Hope you are both well
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Re: Dumfries missing link.....

Post by jennyblain » Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:49 pm

Yes thanks, David. It's good to be through in Edinburgh and seeing Margaret. I will email you..

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