Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

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Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

Post by gbr37114 » Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:00 am

Can anyone help me find the death of Francis Alexander Kerr born 6 Feb 1828 in Woolwich, Kent but married to Helen Dawson 13 February 1848 at Gorbals, Glasgow or 5 March 1846 at Dunblane (both of this parish). He is shown on 1851 census of Dunblane, Perthshire, 1861 census at St James St, Govan, Glasgow, Present at death of daughter Marion Kerr died 15 May 1864 1 Napier St, Govan, Glasgow. On 1871 census, Helen Kerr age 42 of 44 Paterson St, Govan, Glasgow says Husband in Australia. 1881 census Helen 52 a widow of 333 Eglinton St, Govan, Glasgow, 1891 census Helen 62 a widow of Abbortsford Place, Govan, Glasgow, then in 1895 Helen died age 67 at 100 George St, Glasgow which says she is married to Francis Kerr, Coal Salesman indicating Francis Kerr might still be alive. He has not been found in Australia. Francis Kerr's parents were John Kerr and Louisa Young and they married in Southampton, Hampshire on 31 October 1814 because John Kerr was of the H.M. Royal Artillery. Louisa was a widow when they married and her first married name was Chapman.
I would appreciate any help finding the death of Francis Alexander Kerr b. 1828 death unknown
Thank you

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Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

Post by Currie » Mon Mar 01, 2021 4:40 pm

Hello Gail,

There’s an article concerning a person by that name on this page of the Glasgow Herald, August 4, 1875. It’s about half way down the column headed GREENOCK and starts with Hamilton.— ... %2C5281242

There’s a death notice in the Glasgow Herald, February 21, 1895, which says she was a widow. See first column this page. ... %2C4356175

KERR.—Suddenly, on 18th inst., at 100 George Street, Helen Dawson, widow of Francis Kerr, and eldest daughter of the late Robert Dawson, Newton, near Dunblane.


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Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

Post by gbr37114 » Mon Mar 01, 2021 11:25 pm

Hello Alan
Thank you so much for this information. It all helps to put a timeline together for Francis A Kerr.
So then it means that Francis A Kerr must of died sometime after 1875 when he was fined about the carriage.
It is interesting that on his wife's death certificate, it says she is married (not widow) to Francis Kerr, Coal Salesman, so now I know he is deceased by the time she died in 1895.
I really appreciate this information as it is so helpful, thank you.

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Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

Post by Melhenney » Thu Oct 27, 2022 10:20 am

Hi Gail,

I was very excited to see your post as I am trying to research my Kerr line and have hit a brick wall with John Kerr - Francis' father.

I am descended from Henry Kerr, Francis' elder brother (1824 -1887 - I think born in Cork whilst John was serving there as part of the Royal Artillery)

I knew John was married to Louisa Young in Southampton but I could never find a wedding certificate as I hadn't realised she had been married before!

Do you have any other info on John Kerr? Hope you don't mind me asking!

All the best


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Re: Francis Alexander Kerr Born 6 February 1828

Post by JohnK » Mon Mar 20, 2023 2:59 am

I did see a death certificate on Scotlands People for a Francis Kerr, who died on 26/10/1882 at 5 King St, Glasgow. Death cert makes no mention of his parents, and gives his age as 48, not 54. Witness is an Agnes McNamara, who 'made her mark'. Death may have been violent or suspicious, as there is a later correction by the Procurator Fiscal's office.
Francis was variously a dairyman and coal traveller/salesman. I thought the notation 'living in Australia' meant the marriage had broken down, but I haven't searched Australian death records to confirm he actually emigrated.
With John Dawson Kerr, there is a baptism record of a John Michie, born 4/12/1845, noted as a 'natural son of John Michie and Helen Dawson'.
Francis married Helen Dawson on 13/2/1848 at Church of Scotland, Gorbals. His elder brother, Henry, married Hannah McKay at this church in 1842, although that church became a Free Church at the time of the 'split' in 1843.
I think the 1891 census shows John Dawson Kerr [son] and Helen Kerr [mother] living in a 6 room tenement in Abbotsford Place Glasgow. John was a Bag and Paper Stock Merchant with premises in South Shamrock St. They had a servant.
Plenty of questions, few answers.

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John Campbell Kerr [The Gunner]

Post by JohnK » Mon Mar 20, 2023 3:30 am

Jon, I noticed your post about John Kerr.
John enlisted with the Royal Artillery in Ayr in 1805, giving his age as 18, so that he would be eligible for a pension.
He served in Patersons Company, who fought in the second Battle of Copenhagen in 1807, although I do not know if John's battery was involved.
Patersons Company's next involvement was the Walcheren Campaign in 1809. Some 40000 British troops were assembled on the islands outside Antwerp, and were to join with an Austrian army to march on France. The Austrians never came. By the time the British withdrew, about 11000 troops had succumbed to 'Walcheren Fever' [which sounds much like malaria]. These troops were later described as 'unreliable' by Sir Arthur Wellesley/Lord Wellington, who refused to accept them.
In 1819, Louisa Kerr [parents: John Kerr and Louisa Young] was baptised at the Church of Scotland, Ardesier, just a few miles from Fort George. An 'Invalid Company of the Royal Artillery was stationed there at the time, under the command of Capt Mathew Young [formerly of the Royal Irish Artillery].
Maybe John married the boss's daughter? If not, and he did marry Louisa Chapman in Southampton, the marriage certificate bears his signature. We simply need to find another document to compare it with!
The Invalid Companies were disbanded during 1819.
John was promoted to Sergeant on 30/8/1820, and was in Ballincollig when Henry was baptised on 18/2/1824. The Ballincollig Powder Mill was a major source of gunpowder during the wars, hence the need for a barracks. The mill closed after 1815, but the barracks continued! About 100 troops were stationed there. As with Fort George, married quarters would have been little more than a curtain draped around the bed. Children would sleep where they could.
Eliza was born in Scotland. Details should be somewhere in WO 69 [can't remember it's correct description] at Kew Archives.
I think George was born in Ireland, but have no evidence. The 1841 Census shows Robert as born in Ireland.
Louisa is shown in the 1841 Census as English, which doesn't help much.
The 1841 Census records a Henry Kerr living in Dempster St Glasgow [behind North Frederick St] and a few doors down from Hannah McKay. Henry is the right age, but is noted as English, however.
There is much more but hopefully this will help.

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