How can they "know"

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How can they "know"

Post by billymac » Thu Feb 11, 2021 3:55 am

Looking at another site (forgive me :oops: ) I see some trees there have family details that stretch back to the early 1700s and beyond. How on earth (in the absence of faithful family held documents) can one be sure the lineage is correct? So far as my family' history is concerned I tend to be somewhat a stickler for conclusive documentation that positively demonstrates a line. I don't see the point of latching onto an individual simply because the name and timeline fit.
Given that a man in a particular district in the late 1700s could well have 3 sons born say, over 6 years, each of whom, in turn, would have a son (i.e. cousins very close in age) named after their grandfather. Given the church records normally contain very few details are those trees in regards to subsequent marriages and births, based on a leap of faith?

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Re: How can they "know"

Post by WilmaM » Thu Feb 11, 2021 10:12 am

Very often I'd say yes - but then again we can't prove otherwise either.

I have a good chuckle reading some trees - one site has my ancestor having 2 wives - at once! all because on a census neighbouring houses had the same surname. Very common in fishing communities even yet.

I only do it for my own satisfaction and peace of mind - not to impress anyone else, so accuracy is vital for me.

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Re: How can they "know"

Post by Heidihei » Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:55 am

I am very fortunate the place my father's mother came from in Norway has a very good "farm history" [Vossaboki]. It contains the family's living on the various farm's there trough the year's, their birth year often year of marriage and year of death. Also who they married. Also a mention of the children that emigrated to America. One the farm I just been looking at it goes back to the late 1600. With year of birth etc. it is easy to go to the Didital Arkivet and check. I must say the handwriting in the church books 1700 is difficult. #-o DNA also help with confirming I am on the right track. I do not like to merge from other people's tree, but like to look and then check for my self. I do notes when people merge and do not do tire home work, sad. Ancestry done my DNA, I am only a DNA member there and I love tire " true Line " part. Where I find a lot of my English and Scottish DNA matches.
I up loaded my raw DNA to My Heritage as my family from Norway was there. I am also very fond of Family Search, and things can be corrected there.
Regards Heidi

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