adair and wilson

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adair and wilson

Post by saraleeroth » Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:25 pm

Can anyone help please. My gg grandfather William Adair seems to be a bit of a ghost. He was born in Ireland about 1826- not sure where. He married Jane Wilson (also born Ireland) and they moved to Scotland where they had 6 children between 1858 and 1871. 5of the 6 died in infancy, only my g grandfather Alexander survived. On all the childrens birth certificates it states that William and jane were married in Loughgall in 1848 but the month of marriage varies between april and December!!
Jane died in 1914 after a second marriage and her parents are listed as Andrew Wilson and Jane Houston.
I cannot find anything to lead me to who Williams parents were and cannot find a death certificate - Jane is listed as a widow on her 2nd marriage in 1874 but methinks she may have been fibbing as I have checked what seems like every death certificate for a william adair between 1870 and 1874 and none are he.
I'm starting to get a bit obsessive - I have their addresses in Glasgow at the time of each of the childrens births but even these don't match any census records apart from 1861
please can anyone shed any light

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Re: adair and wilson

Post by SarahND » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:21 pm

It is possible that William and Jane were never actually married, so they were free to marry others even before the death of the other spouse.

Is Alexander with Jane on the 1871 and 1881 censuses? Just wondering if it is your William age 45 in Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire in 1871 (with no other family members).

And also, is it William with Alexander and a new wife in Glasgow in 1881?

92 Richard St, Glasgow Barony
William Adair, 57, Head, born Ireland, Labourer Engineer
Douglas Adair, 50, Wife, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire
Alexander Adair, 17, Son, born Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Mill Mechanic

All the best,

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Re: adair and wilson

Post by speleobat2 » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:23 pm

Hi all,

The other possibility is immigration though that's no consolation. William Adair is a very common name unfortunately and there are several on Ancestry who came over to both the USA and Canada in the early 1870's. Sort of like trying to find one of my Munros in a haystack! The records over here for that time period just aren't all that helpful and neither are the passenger lists.

Carol :D
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Re: adair and wilson

Post by saraleeroth » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:08 pm

Thanks for the suggestions. I had actually downloaded then census record with Douglas and did wonder whether they had both remarried without divorcing but had not actually considered whether or not they actually married in the first place! It would make sense if they didn't because by my reckoning, Jane would only have been about 13... It was the fact that the marriage is on all the birth certificates that threw me.
I have found the death record of the William who married Douglas so I may try working back from there.
I was getting a little excited when I found a jane adair from Ireland on the 1851 census as a lodger and a william adair in prison in cupar at the same time, but am still unable to go backwards.
I know that they didn't emigrate due to family knowledge which I was grateful for as I saw how many william adairs had!
Thank you both again, you've inspired me to try again/ :D

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Re: adair and wilson

Post by nelmit » Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:51 am

Who registered John's birth in 1870 and what was the address? Who did Jane marry in 1874?

There is a good chance Jane applied for poor relief - I'll have a check when I go to the Mitchell at the end of April.


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Re: adair and wilson

Post by saraleeroth » Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:53 pm

John was born October 1870, living at Oswald St Glasgow, registered by mum. he died May1871 living at Dale st, Glasgow, again registered by mum.
Jane remarried Adam Hood from Ireland in 1874, lists herself as a widow and on her death certificate she lists both as husbands. After her second marriage she has her grandchildren from her son Alexanders first marriage living with her.
It's as though both Jane and William appeared from nowhere in the 1850's and I'm getting nowhere trying to find their parents.
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I booked leave from work this week and was going to fly up to Scotland to do some digging but due to the records place move I couldn't do it.

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Re: adair and wilson

Post by nelmit » Sun Mar 20, 2011 1:50 am

I suspect they may have still be living at Oswald Street on the 1871 Census. If you just put Oswald as a search in 1871 at Ancestry you find lots of people without surnames and all sorts strange jobs etc so I'm thinking it must be pretty illegible. What number was given when John was born? The reason I asked who registered John is - there is a death registered of a William Adair about the correct age in 1869 but if there is no mention of his death on John's birth entry then it probably won't be him. I also assume that when John's death was registered his father is not shown as deceased.

Looking at the William with Douglas and Alexander in 1881 does Alexander's occupation tally with your Alexander?

The archives (where the poorhouse indexes are kept) shouldn't be affected by the move at The Mitchell - if I get the chance this week I will have a look as this is driving me crazy!! :D


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Re: adair and wilson

Post by Elwyn 1 » Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:36 pm

I had a look on the LDS pilot site for a marriage between Wm Adair & Jane Wilson. Both names are fairly common but there’s none in Co. Armagh in the period 1845 – 1857. ... %3A1408347

If you wanted to double check you could look at the church records. I’d assume they were Presbyterian and Loughgall Presbyterian church’s marriage records go back to 1819. Copies are kept at PRONI Belfast but you can order a copy in to your nearest LDS library. The PRONI film reference is MIC1P/287. ... ndexes.htm


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Re: adair and wilson

Post by saraleeroth » Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:02 pm

Im glad this is driving someone else mad!!
Jane and William were living at 23 Oswald St when John was born in August 1870, along with 6 year old Alexander, according to the birth Certificates. When John died in May 1871they were at 21 Dale st. I have checked the census for dale st - all 5 pages and there is no sign of them. William is not listed as deceased on either the birth or death.
I haven't done 23 Oswald st as I just presumed they would have been living in Dale st by April. They could have moved in the may though.

I wish you could search ancestry census by street as it would be so much easier. I had to search over 600 Janes before I found one living at 21 Dale st so I could go on SP and view page before/page after to see all living there. I got to 200 janes looking for oswald st but not found 23 yet.

The info I have is:
February 1858 unnamed premature birth jane and william living at 38 ?Leathersine? St Anderston
1861 census, living at 8 Duncan St with child Henry (william henry) and with a 'boarder' Elizabeth Adair age 10 born in Ireland. Henry is down as born in Ireland but
1861 birth of william Henry, address 8 Duncan St. Parents marriage January 1848 Lochgall
1862 death of william henry at 8 duncan st
1864 Frances mary born at 6? Kirk st, parents marriage given as December 1848 Lochgall
1864 Frances Mary death at 163 Dalmarnock Rd
1865 Alexander wilson adair born at 163 Dalmarnock rd, parents mariage given as March 5th 1848 Lochgall
1868 Jane born - can't find birth cert but died in 1870 at 23 Oswald St
1870 John born 23 oswald st, parents marriage given as 5th March 1848 Lochgall
1871 Johns death at 21 Dale St

Jane then remarried in 1874 as a widow to Adam Hood and in 1881 they are living in 125 London Road, calton. She died in 1914 and Alexander is witness.

No sign of alexander until first marriage in 1884 where his dad is not listed as deceased. Occupation is mill mechanic so that fits with the Wiliam/ Douglas census

In all documents Janes parents are listed as Andrew Wilson and Jane Houston but I can't find a trace of her birth nor marriage to Willaim so I can't trace William back at all

I've started dreaming of this couple........................ !!

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated and may save me some more grey hairs :)

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Re: adair and wilson

Post by nelmit » Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:08 pm

Not a lot that you don't already know but I think we can safely say the 1881 census is your William and Alexander.

On 28th July 1871 William Adair's wife Jane Wilson applied for Poor Relief.
Address 23 Oswald Street.
Age 40 - Born Ireland -Protestant

Husband age 50 born Co. Armagh, Ireland, labourer. Married 1848 Loughall.

Parents - Andrew Wilson, labourer and Jane Houston both dead.

Family- Alexander 5 years 3 months born 113 Dalmarnock Road
James 2 years 8 months born 120 Dalmarnock Road.

Person applies for relief her husband having deserted her and her young child is very ill. Her husband has deserted her often but she cannot specify dates.

Gave 2/6

The 1914 application is as follows.

Died 1/11/14

Widow Adam Hood Jane Wilson or Adair per son Alexander Adair.
Born Co. Armagh - Age 78

Parents - Andrew, a farmer and Jane Houston both dead.

1st husband William Adair.
Adam Hood died February 1914 in Cathcart - can't give particulars.

Child Alexander Adair age 42 born Dalmarnock Road. Mech? Engineer with whom she resides.

Withdrawn 1/6/14 unwilling to give information.

Previous addresses - 416 Castle Road 2 years. 3 Wilton Terrace 6 years.

Daughter in law applies for her removal. When assistant visited she absolutely refused to have anything to do with the Parish.

1/7/14 withdrawn.

I will have a look for any more next time I'm at The Mitchell.


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