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stumack wrote:
Mon Jun 25, 2007 11:04 pm

i have not been able to find any decent ireland sites which do not cost for searches. i have their son thomas being born abt 1855, so that looks
like it could be the info i am looking for. if you have any info on the births of thomas abt 1855, robert abt 1860, or henry abt 1866 or any other children i have not yet found it would be very muchly appreciated. thank you once again for the marriage info.
The 1850 marriage in Mullavilly is available on-line free now: ... 398315.pdf

Bride & groom both lived in Ballyknock. Griffiths Valuation for 1863 lists Isabella Farquhar’s father Robert on a farm in Ballyknock. He had plot 7 which was a total of about 8 acres. There was a widow n McCormack living close by on plot 29b which was a half share in an acre. So that could have been Thomas’s home. It was a weaver/labourer’s cottage. The Farquhar farm today is on Mullavilly Rd, near Mullavilly Glebe House, just outside Tandragee. Widow McCormack’s house is/was on the modern Laurelvale Rd. It’s unlikely to still be standing. ... nameSearch

Statutory birth registration only started in Ireland in 1864 so for the births of children before that you need to check church records. If the family church was Mullavilly Church of Ireland, then their records start in 1821. They are not on-line so far as I am aware, but there is a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast. I searched the statutory records 1864 onwards for Henry John (whose birth is estimated as 1866.). I didn’t find it, so suspect he was born before 1.1.1864.

The Farquhar family were still farming in Ballyknock in 1901 & 1911, though by then the spelling of their name has changed to Forker. William Farquhar married Mary Martha Boyd in Mullavilly Church of Ireland on 10.12.1890. William’s father was Robert. So William appears to have been a sister to Isabella Farquhar who married Thomas McCormack. ... k/1020439/ ... ck/331800/

Possible death for Isabella McCormack (nee Farquhar) on 17.11.1890, widow, aged 62 at Cordrain. Cordrain is immediately beside Ballyknock. Possible death for William McCormack 12.3.1869 aged 40.

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Re: mccormicks ireland to scotland .....

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Hi Audrey,
I am not sure what information you have found out since your post.
My father William is your grandmother’s younger brother.
I may be able to provide a few details, but I do not have a lot of information about your grandmother.
I do know the names of all the children


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Re: mccormicks ireland to scotland .....

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Hi I think Helen was my dad sister. His name is Robert McCormick. He now 87. His mum was call Jeanie Carse surrock Woodward. Then got married to Robert McCormick. Jeanie die in 1938
4 of her children went into a home. The younger got adopted out. Not sure what happened to your grandmother Helen . Hope we can chat more

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