David Scott, Where Are You!

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David Scott, Where Are You!

Post by all2clear » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:03 pm

I am searching for my cousin, David Scott, who meet and married (Name unknown) an Australian nurse while she was on contract in Edinburgh.
David moved to Adelaide Australia when his wife's contract was up. I visited him while they were in Adelaide Australia, late 1980's. At the time of that visit, David's parents were visiting and purchasing a caravan, to tour Australia. I believe David was doing Electrical Engineering. However, at some point, they moved to Brisbane and David like his wife became a nurse.

David's Father (my uncle) = James (Jim) Scott (Edinburgh) (Deceased)
Who was in the Army, and after became a teacher
Jim's parents =Robert J Scott & Minnie Bond (Deceased)
Jim's sisters = Minnie & Christina (my mother)(Deceased)

David's Mother = Janet Scott (nee ?) (Edinburgh) (Deceased)

David's Sister's = Margret & Rosemary (Edinburgh ?)

I wish I had more information but any assistance, particularly if you live in Australia, as to David's status and location, would be immensely appreciated!

My contact info:
Robin F Clear, rclear@gmail.com

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