Mystery Man From Scotland to Australia

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Mystery Man From Scotland to Australia

Post by Mixpal » Fri Aug 07, 2020 3:34 am

This is really following on with my Who Was Mr. Gardner? query.
But not sure how to start a new page to keep going on topic - a real message board operator!

However, I have several suspects I'd like to find out about to seek a young man who left Scotland between 1841 & 1849.
I've copied the entries from the 1841 c with the spelling used.
For the sake of all the descendants it would be very helpful if he could be found.
Being in the 1851 c would immediately discount the person. I only have limited searching on FreeCen.
A lot of people would be interested to find him - so here goes with the 1st one:-

(1) 1841 c Daniel Gardner 15, a Trunk Maker Apprentice - Address: Well St. Lanarkshire
The HH was Agnes 35, Daniel 15, John 12, Cathrine 10 living with a Parish Pauper Janet Cameron 50,
& her daughters Ann 18, Christian 15 & Mart, 11, all born Lanark. Cheers Mixpal

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Re: Mystery Man From Scotland to Australia

Post by Mixpal » Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:43 am

Better get on & add the other suspects; guess he isn't the 1st & won't be the last person who needs to be identified.

These are all 1841 c -(2) Daniel Gardiner 15 Ag Lab; Address: Nemphlar, Lanark Scotland
Living with William Wilson 20; Charles Lindsay 15 & Thomas Ingles 15.
(3) David Gardiner 15 Appren joiner; Address: Nemphlar
HH - Thomas 30 & Catherin Gardiner 55; Catherin Davie 2; plus 2 female servants Mary Frazer 15 & Elizibeth Wilson 20.
(4) David Gardner 15 Candle Maker; Address Adams Court Lane
HH - Hamilton & Mary Baillie both 50; John Simpson 25 & William Strang 15.
(5) - John Gardner 14 Iron Moulder; Address Clyde Street
Parents were William & Marion both 35 with son David 16 all born Outside Census County, with daughters Christina 11,
Catherin 5 & Marion 2 born in Lanark (Please note that David in this post is Daniel 25 in 1851)
(6) David Gardner 13 living Greenock Renfrewshire; Address: Cathcart St.
Living with 45 yo parents John & Helen born Outside Census County, plus Jane 15, John 15, also Mathew Baxter 15
born Renfrewshire, then Francis Ferning 25 & James Gallocher 20, both born Ireland.
(Have since found out that David was actually Daniel Turner Gardner born to John Gardner & Helen Dunlop but wasn't
with his widowed mother in East Lothian in 1851.)
Hope I've done this properly & the brick wall can come down! Cheers Mixpal

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