Family research .....

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james garden
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family tree

Post by james garden » Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:24 pm

Hi Kym, just to let you know that the person that you suggested that I get in touch with has picked up on the web the fact that I have tried too contactc him, he didn't say which site so I am assumiming it is Talking Scots. So I well pleased with this as he is able too help that's great, thanks too all for help & information given .

Guid spikin tae yea!!!! James Garden .
Researching family tree names,Garden, Buchan ,Farquhar, Jappy, Smith, Bennett,Fruin,Ross,Peddie, Larkins,Surplice, UK. Australia, U.S.A. Canada.

Peter Bennett
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Re: Family research .....

Post by Peter Bennett » Tue May 18, 2021 11:04 am

Hi James,

Just found this on-line
My Name is Peter John Bennett
My Father & Mother is John Robert & Doreen Rae Bennett (Nee Stephens)
Grandfather & Mother was Alfred & Barbra Bennett (Nee Jappy), Sister Elsie & Mary (Spinsters who lived in my Grandfathers house till they passed)
Great Grandfather was John Jappy

I am the eldest of 3 brothers
Scott Andrew (Passed @ 21)
Brad Robert - Still single & living the batch life

I have 3 Children myself
Aaron Patrick Bennett 28 - Just got married to a Roa Hendy (Now Hendy-Bennett) - From a previous marriage
From 2nd and Awesome Marriage
Carolyn Louise Bennett (Nee Roberts)
2 Children
Kira-Lee Louise Bennett (20)
Callum Troy Bennett (17)

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Re: Family research .....

Post by SarahND » Wed May 19, 2021 9:54 am

Hello Peter and a warm [TS_welcome]

James hasn't signed into the forum since 2009, so I'm not sure if he will see your post, but it will be there for other potential cousins to find!

In the meantime, enjoy reading the rest of the threads and don't hesitate to post a query if you need help tracing your family further back.

Best wishes,


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