The mystery that is my Great Grandfather, William Buchanan

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The mystery that is my Great Grandfather, William Buchanan

Post by HeWhoDrinksGuinness » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:03 am

Hi there,

After searching for many months I finally discovered where it was my Great Grandfather died. He died on 3rd February 1954 at the age of 69 at 6 Burns Street in Glasgow, which I found out was the South Sawmillfield Mill. On the land of the mill there was also a doss-house which was locally known as the (apparently) infamous Rosie's Home, which is where I think he is likely to have died.

I have trawled the internet, especially the Scotland's People site, looking for more details on Rosie's Home and to try to find out where it is the people who lived (and died) there are likely to have been buried, but to no avail.

I enlisted the help of The Glasgow & West of Scotland Family History Society to try to find out where William was buried. They searched the records of all the local cemeteries via The Mitchell Library and other resources they have access to, but after weeks of helping they admitted they were stumped and had ran out of ideas.

I know very little about the Glasgow area and I'm not sure where to look next. My Grandfather (William's son) is very reluctant to talk about his father, and the rest of the very few people I have to ask about William say that all they know is that there is a "Dark Secret" attached to him, which just teases my curiosity further.

If anyone thinks they can help I would be extremely grateful and I'm more than happy to provide as much information as I can to help find some answers.


Andy :D

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