Looking for Barbara Millar & Robert Lindsay marriage

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Looking for Barbara Millar & Robert Lindsay marriage

Post by darylrodger » Wed Aug 04, 2021 8:59 pm


I'm trying to find a marriage for a Barbara Millar & Robert Lindsay, but without any success.
I've searched on SP, and although I have found a record on familysearch which says they married in
Edinburgh in 1822 I can't seem to find anything to confirm it. Also it mentioned her birth in 1782 in
Paisley, but again can't confirm it. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes might help. . . :roll:



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Re: Looking for Barbara Millar & Robert Lindsay marriage

Post by AndrewP » Wed Aug 04, 2021 9:34 pm

Hi Daryl,

I don't see any sign of the marriage on ScotlandsPeople. These are on submitted trees on FamilySearch. You may need to contact the people that made the submission there to seek their sources - looks like some of it came from the US 1860 census.

Another one quoted there is a baptismal record (Church of Scotland) for their son Andrew Millar Lindsay on 11-July-1824 in Cambuslang. It may be worth your while looking at that record on ScotlandsPeople to see if any more info is given there.

All the best,


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