Regiment identification

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museum man 2
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Regiment identification

Post by museum man 2 » Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:39 pm

Have been informed that the dicing on glengarry can only be that of the Argylls. However I just cannot see this as an Argyll badge which is totally pointed especially when viewed from this angle. Could convince myself quite easily the badge is surmounted by a crown. there would also appear to be different widths on the badge whearas the Argylls is basically oval stretching to a point. Really would like some one to come up with an answer so that I can pass information on to a lady who has tried for many years to identify regiment. Many thanks.
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Re: Regiment identification

Post by Currie » Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:14 pm

Hello Museum Man and welcome to TalkingScot.

You've also made some inquires on the RC forum about this and its probably best if I provide a link to those.

I'm no expert so I'll just add some comments.

The three row plain red and white dicing on the glengarry is supposed to be exclusive to the A&SH because of their achievements at the Battle of Balaclava.

According to the chart on page 21 of “Canadian Forces in World War II” their A&SH, as well as their Cape Breton Highlanders and Calgary Highlanders had the red and white dicing on their glengarries. You could probably Google up some info on their WW2 movements and badge types. ... ng&f=false

I think I would describe the the A&SH badge as round with a pimple on top rather than a teardrop. The pimple end doesn't have much substance and almost disappears when viewed at an angle.

Here are some fairly high definition B&W photos of soldiers wearing A&SH glengarries taken at a similar angle to yours. ... +Kenny.jpg ... ck010a.JPG ... SOPTR=4372 ... SOPTR=4379 ... ach=129986

In your photo the badge looks to me to be bent. I guess that could happen easily to a large, thin, soft metal item. Then again maybe the dark backing material is frayed or twisted in some way and obscuring part of the badge. Or maybe there is something light coloured up there with the badge that does, or doesn't, belong.

If you took away the dicing the only guesses as to the badge would probably be based on its size. The A&SH was the largest in the British Army.

Have you tried the British Badge Forum?

Hope there's something useful there,

Ron Abbott
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Re: Regiment identification

Post by Ron Abbott » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:33 pm

The twin colour, red and white diced glengarries were worn not only by the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders but also by the 5th Bn. Seaforth Highlanders for many years, however the badge appears too big to be that of the 5th Seaforths and by 1944 I believe they'd largely changed to wearing the same headwear and badge as the other battalions of the Seaforth Highlanders.

However there was another regiment in the south-east of England (Kent?) in early 1944 which also wore 'two colour' diced glengarries....light blue and white dicing.

That was the Toronto Scottish. Looking at the glengarry and what can be made of the cap badge, I'd suggest that that regiment is a fairly strong possibility.

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