Search for US Navy Officer

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Search for US Navy Officer

Post by Jnconn » Thu Mar 16, 2023 10:03 pm

Searching for a United States Navy Officer his name is Alex he was from Scotland I believe in the Hamilton/Blantyre area. He immigrated somewhere maybe mid 60's early 70's where he entered into the United States Navy. He made a career in the Military in the US. I believe Alex's last name could be Jackson or Brown and he made it to Cheif Petty officer in the late 70's. I don't have an exact date of birth but I do know he was born around the early 1950's. He was stationed in the 70's on an aircraft carrier that carrier A6 Intruders and F4 Phantom Jets. He wrote to my parents and send pictures frequently to my Dad of him on the aircraft carrier at one time my dad in the mid 70's stated he was a Diesel mechanic and I am guessing it was on the ships.

For years he would get off the ships in NYC and find his way back to my parent's house last time we saw him was in the early to mid 1980s. I have been searching for him for the last six months as my siblings and I have realized we never knew what connection Alex had to my Dad but we think it was his son. Not sure what happened to Alex or why he stopped showing up at my parents house but would love to know what happened to him or where he is today.

Any ideas or anyone that might know where I can look for him


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Re: Search for US Navy Officer

Post by WilmaM » Sat Mar 18, 2023 8:30 pm

[TS_welcome] Jeanette,

That's a tricky one to try and resolve.
You have lots of little clues, but nothing concrete enough to really help in a search.

As you mentioned 2 surnames, I thought perhaps one may his mother's maiden name so searched all of Scotland for a birth of an Ale* Brown Mother's name Jackson and Vis versa - there were no hits in the correct era at all.

The time scale you are looking at - he is potentially still alive - means we really don't have access to these records, and possibly only next of kin can request Service Records etc.
As a rule we avoid discussions on potentially living people [100 years for Births, 50 years for deaths and 75 years for marriages].

I did have a look around the internet so see if anything useful popped up - but sadly nothing :(
Hopefully somebody else will have further ideas for you to pursue - or who knows the gentleman in question may eventually stumble on this thread and contact you.

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