My Own Short Story Based on Badbea

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My Own Short Story Based on Badbea

Post by dizzybint » Thu May 24, 2012 11:15 pm

Ive been fascinated by the story of the clearance villages in Scotland for some years now and after visiting Badbea it gave me the idea for this short story. hope you enjoy.....

Madness was all around, children screaming, mothers weepiing. picking up what little the owned , tying bony malnourished cattle to a shabby tired horse to lead them out the glens , no one wanted to leave Berriedale, forced out by Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, it was just done.. the fight was out of the decent highlander and they could fight no more.. Roads were bad if non existant , but promises were made to these people of a new life mostly near the cliffs edge of some remote godforsaken part of Scotland. the future seemed very bleak but with no choice many families packed up what little they had and left the land they loved, in favour of sheep grazing a new breed of black faced sheep. this was the start of my tale of Mary Ann Sutherland who was forced as a young girl of thirteen out of her home with her father and two siblings , to a place she knew not where, The land was rough and the winter months cold, some never made the trip forced down with the cold or disease. Most didnt realize that their lives were about to change drastically, as they had been farmers in the glens, but now forced to be near the sea where it was almost impossible to farm on the poor land.. all these proud people had to think in a new way.. as they were moved on to new land... Badbea being one,,,,

The rough and dangerous coastline of Badbea offered nothing in the way of protection from the elements.. and this would be soon evident to Mary and all the other families making the hazardous journey to this desolate place Badbea (village of birches) Mary although a child herself had to play mother to her two younger brothers Craig and Luke who had been left without a mother earlier that year through childbirth. whether right or wrong the child had also died. saving Mary even more of a task for her young years.. although not schooled well she did attend, along with some other local children, a clever older woman , a Miss Mamie Dingwall spinster, now in her late forties.. old should we say for those time, who gave her time gladly to reach out and do what she could for these youngsters, many thanked her for her time and generousity, she also was leaving the glen for a journey that seemed to the ends of the earth to people who had never left the few miles within their own district.. only one or two had ventured out to seek their fortune in the nearest towns or to trade .IM sure Mary felt a comfort in the fact that this Miss Dingwall was coming with them to their new now more than ever Mary needed an older woman or mother figure to help her in what seemed like a fruitless life fur such a young girl. but she stood up against the harsh winds with her brothers gripped tightly by each of her hands ensuring their safety over the many slipper slopes and boulders that they had to cross..while her father still a broken man from losing his wife struggled with carrying small pieces of furntiure , while whisking the cattle they owned on their treacherous journey to the cliff tops of the east coast of Caithness, not only this small band of dwellers but also the people of the villages of Auchencraig on the Langwell Estate and Kildonan, mostly the poorerst who hadnt the fare to travel further to Canada.or who couldnt manage to the lowlands for work although some did..

On their arrival at last at Badbea tired and forlorn, Marys father Frank Sutherland was given a small plot of land to farm, but had to clear the rough land first and hack out the their plot from the steep and dangerous slopes and build a small house from the stone they found..this was no mean task and other inhabitants would try and help each other to get their families under some kind of shelter from the freezing cold winds from the sea far below, another worry for all the families now arriving on his slope , as the fall from the cliffs to the sea below was treacherous and would be fatal.. so dangerous that Mary had to tether her two younger siblins to a large boulder to stop them wondering over the edge. the same with the cattle and goats until a fence could be erected..and put in place.. food was scarce and it seemed no one cared about these forgotten people of the glens.. What these farmers didnt expect though was that they were now to become fishermen more than farmers herring fishermen to be exact, but they mostly rose to the challenge and made Badbea into a village proud enough to stand on its own.. even after the treatment they had received from greedy landlords.

Times were hard, the elements harsh but mostly the small gatherings of families got on and worked hard, however Mary was growing up and showed a slightly rebellious streak always asking to go to the nearest town or fair , she was fifteen now and her glowing auburn hair swung in the breeze but she would tie it up as tightly as she could when the gales would toss her curls over her eyes and blind her from all dangers, maybe blinded her from her dull and dutiful life caring for her brothers, She loved them dearly but felt she needed her own life away from the wild slopes of Badbea...she couldnt see herself marrying any of the village boys as they were so well known to her.. and marriage at fifteen wasnt unheard of... but she d seen enough of chldren and hoped one day to break away and find a new life for herself and hopefull her brothers.... Her father had eyes now on a widow woman whos husband had been killed out at sea when his row boat had overturned leaving her with four children.. all under seven years.... Mary eyed up the situation and thought no way was she now be older sister or carer to all these children if her father married this woman.... she had to think how to solve her worrying predicament and it came in the form of a visitor to Badbea... he rode in one sunny afternoon to the delight of Mary and some of the other girls of her age, as they werent used to many new faces and this young man looked handsome in his riding boots and red coat, Marys eyes shone at the spectacle as he dropped off his horse and tied it to the wicker fence nearby.... His gaze fell on Mary her white freckled face and glowing eyes caught his attention ,not to mention her mane of deep red hair.... she was turning into a lovely young maid .... "IM the younger brother of Lord Sinclair" he announced "and Ive come to witness your work here and how you are all progressing"... some of the elders stood forward proudly showing that this was their land now and how it had grown with the hard work put into the sad piece of land...."I see you have a thriving fishing industry and doing well " the one man said looking around in with his hands on his hips showing his confidence but seemed genuinly taken on by what he saw, especially this young girl with the ragged clothes but the shape of an angel.. Mary had never felt like this before, she didnt know if it was the presence of someone in such stylish clothing or his manner or voice as he didnt speak like them, but much more refined. no matter Mary was besotted and coudlnt take her eyes away.. and he saw it too... Some elders offered him some home made ale and bread that he gladly accepted and sat in the old sears house enjoying the hospitality for half of an hour the leaving telling them how well they had done on meagre beginnings and that he would return....Marys heart raced as he lead his horse over the cobbles and small burn that ran to the cliffs edge, and she moved slowly behind him with some others , he looked round and raised his cocked hat in a pleasant gesture of goodbye, Mary smiled showing her pretty teeth that she would clean with a little bicarbonate of soda on her finger each day... she would dream of the one man most nights now until he would return once again...

Mr Sutherland asked for Mary to sit with him as he had a question for her about the widow woman, Mary knew only too well what the question would be but how could she deny her father a life.. its was only right that he should be married and as soon as could be settled with the minister from the nearest town, who was summoned within the week of Mary approval, her brothers took it well not now remembering their mother as well as Mary had. they were five and eight years younger than her and easy to forget when so young. The wedding was swift with Mary in attendance as Maid of honour but that was it, no party no fancy clothes just a parson and and I do from both and they went back to work... but on that day who came to call again but our handsome young Mr Sinclair.. to wish the couple well.. and bring fruit in a large basket.. as a gift.. the chldren gathered around with their eyes staring at the food they had never seen, apples, plums and limes... nothing like that grew in Badbea , in fact hardly anything but birch grew in Badbea... Mary shuffled forward to help him unload the goods with a smile, "Thank you young miss, what would your name be?" Mary blushed and pulled the long tnedril from in front of her face blew over by a gust of wind, "IM Mary Sutherland"s she announced, he smiled at her courage for such a young girl and admired her forwardness.... "Come he said have an apple and share them with the children" Mary beconed them over "cmon bairns come and get some of the mans presents", she bristled with her own importance and took over distributing the fruit hoping everone would get a piece... the young Mr Sinclair smiled and passed more than a glance over her slim frame. This wasnt to be his last visit and on the fouth occassion he asked for Mary to walk him and his horse back the half hour walk to the dirty road taking him back to his home away from the depravation he saw in Badbea to a more luxurious life in the manor house. Mary nodded then told Mr Sinclair, she d have to run off and ask her fathers permission... although a decent man, he was now taken so much with the widow woman he d married , and could not be found, she thought he must be off fishing or mending nets. .. she turned as if her mind not made up, looked around for her own two brothers and the new additions belonging to the widow woman as saw they were with Miss Dingwall in some project of learning that they all enjoyed away from the net mending and gutting that was their normal days... "Miss Dingwall,wid ye tell ma da that am walkin the young Mr Sinclair tae the main road and wull hurry"... Miss Dingwall looked up from her studies , with a perplexed look on her face, worried that Mr Sutherland would be upset and not wish for his pretty daughter to go unaccompanied with this much more worldly young man.. "Wait Mary,wait fur yer da lassie, he wull be mad wae anger ah tell ye".... Mary respected Miss Dingwall in all her advise since her own ma died... she had helped Mary when her body developed a year before and had tried to explain what was happening to Mary at the time.. this was the only older female Mary trusted to go to...... she hung back allowing Mr Sinclair to saddle his horse watching every move he made, Mary was besotted, her first love and the feelings she had for him were nothing like she had felt before... Her head was spinning now,, what should she do.... he started to move off leading his horse throught the bracken... looked round once and was gone round the bend of the large boulders of the dismal place , then it was as if he was never there, not a sound could be heard of the horse or him...... Mary felt sick and stunned, what if he never came back.. he had mentioned being sent to be an army officer in Glasgow and Glasgow seemed on the other side of the world to Mary who had only been in her glen home and Badbea apart from ne fair he dad had taken them too a year before to trade fish for potatoes.. Sitting on the ground staring at her worn boots and shabby dre07 May 2010ss, her only one, she suddenly jumped up. calling out after Mr Sinclair, the high winds taking her words with them... he would never hear her pleas for him to wait... so she ran over to where he last saw him stand and stared into the thick yellow and brown bracken and watched the winding burn taking her love away in that direction...No longer could she wait , her chance of being on her own with him this once was too much to lose, she grabbed her shawl and wrapped it round her shoulders and made up jumping over the burn her boots getting wet in the process, but by now she didnt care, she had to catch up with him.. her heart pounded in excitement as she called his name over and over.....Suddenly round some trees a smiling Mr Sinclair glanced round still walking his horse as the land was rough and dangerous there, he smiled... "Your here Mary lass ",, she smiled out of breath and wobbled over big stones to get to him... adjusting her velvet ribbon round her hair that held her curls form covering her face, her only really small treasure her father had got her from market. He flung his arms open for her and although a new gesture for Mary she ran into them grabbing on to him and feeling the power of a mans body beside her for the first time.. Mr Sinclair looked down on her tiny frame , she was tiny like a small woman, but beautiful with it... he swept her up easily in his arms and gave Mary her first kiss, well a kiss in this way... she went dizzy as if in a spell the bracken whirling around her, and she was lifted into a new dimension, but Mary had spoken and listened to her Minister, a dour whit whiskered man from the near village who would visit on occassions and tell of the pitfalls of loose morals. so she came to her senses wondering if she would lose the respect and love of her man and told him to stop..... "Put me down Mr..." she said... he smiled and looked at her,, "Mary ma name is Rory , ye ve never asked me ma name"... she blushed and thought it bad manners to ask him and explained... He sat her down on a stone and crouched down beside her... "Mary Im going away soon , my brother is sending me to Glasgow to be an officer in the Gallowgate Barracks," Marys face paled, ,, "but thats so faur away "she said.. "when wull ah see ye again or ever"....Rory told her that he would do 8 weeks on then have leave, that was the way it was done then..then the bombshell... "Mary hen , if am a soldier ah canny marry, ye dae know that". Mary started in disbelief as no she didnt know this.. she had never known a soldier only farmers and fishermen, how could she know that soldiers cant marry...."So what will we do Rory" she asked.... Rory smiled and fixed her ribbon that had blown into her mouth and stroked her beautiful auburn curls , "It wulnae be forever Mary all be back , ah promise" but Mary felt her innocent world had fell apart , her dreams shattered, her love going away maybe forever.... "Will you have to fight wars she asked"... Rory laughed... "ah dont think all be marching intae many wars in the Gallowgate , whit ah might be dain is keeping the peace wae the weavers who are causing bother though"... she looked at him earnestly and asked him tae swear he d come back for her..He put both his arms round her slim frame and moved his face amongst her flowing locks kissing her neck as he did... "aye Mary all come back fur ye lass and we ll marry, dinna fret, am no a soldier at heart, this is ma brothers idea tae get me away fae here, am sure he knows ave goat eyes fur ye Mary... "Why did yer brother dae this tae the folk fae the glens Rory, dae ye know, why are we in this god forsaken place"...... Rory glanced away partly embarrassed... "Well ye see mary, hivving grazing land fur sheep or using th land fur the gentry tae hunt brings in much mer money than the farmers did..." Mary stared in horror, "ye mean we wur threw oot oor wee hooses fur men tae play on the land.. a playgrun fur the rich while we tether weans and animals tae stoap them fawing aff the cliffs edge".... she jumped up fae her sitting postion... "Rory ah dont know if this is right ur no,,, your kind urnae like us ataw, ye lack feelings fur others.." and she pulled away as he tried to grab at her cold hands......"Mary lass come back.. am no like them.. thats why ah come doon tae Badbea tae see how yer aw fairin.. ah dae care"......Her heart and head were fighting each other noo... and hear heart won.. she turned round grabbing at him again and holding on not wanting to let him go ever.....He knew how much he wanted her and pulled away... "Mary its getting daurk lass, ah really hiv tae make ma wye hame... but all try and come back afore ah leave fur Glesga," one more lingering kiss and he climbed on his horse and waved a sad farewell to Mary....... She watched him walk slowly on his horse into the darkness and tried to make her way back to Badbea through the tears, her heart was broken....she now didnt care what her dads displeasure would be or what he would say.. she was numb.. she had found and lost love on the same day.. but would she ever find it again with Rory.

The heavy rains at Badbea were fierce for the next few months, flooding the small thatched houses and causing ill health amongst the dwellers... Mr Sutherlands widow woman was now having another child and Mary thought that now she would be trapped as the help for all these children, her own two brothers were learning how to fish now and were hard workers, independent at such a young age, so she had no worries there, they werent really like children now , and had to grow up fast in such dire conditions...Four months past and no signs of Rory.. no letter as now and again word was brought by courier telling of news in Glasgow and Edinburgh to the dwellers, but each time he did manage to get through the swollen burn to their homestead her heart leapt , but no... no word of Rory.. she wondered if he had been sent to France or further to fight....Mary was wakened during the night with screams from the new Mrs Sutherland who had gone into labour.... "Mary Mary hurry" her father insisted, "Ye ll hiv tae help ma missus hen, shes in awfy pain" Mary didnt know what to do and in a daze of sleep she wondered over grabbing her shawl to cover her shoulders at it was freezing .. she stared down the the wretched woman, she was in her thirties but the harsh weather by the sea and hard work had aged her considerably.. making her look more of a granny to Mary than a mother.. the womans face distored in agony and she held her hand out to Mary..... "Da whit kin ah dae "she asked Mr Sutherland... "yer a wummin noo ye must know" her da answered in panic " get cloths and wipe her broo".... Mary did as she was told but now the whole household was up and staring with the aid of two candles at what was happening before their eyes.....too much of an experience for the new Mrs Sutherland to take in so Mary ushered them out and took them to the old sears house nearby... she rapped on the stout wooden door shouting for help.... the old sear shuffled wearily to the door and knew what was happening as of course it had been expected soon.. "in ye aw come" he beckoned to the chldren... "you go back Mary hen all get the bairns tae bed, ah ll make room somehow.....Mary rushed back to be with Mrs Sutherland , half wishing the situation would disappear, but no,, she was still writhing in agony asking for a doctor.... There was no doctor in the village but Miss Dingwall sprang to Marys mind, she was the most clever and understanding woman that Mary had ever met since her own ma s death so she dived out the foor once more running through the rain to Miss Dingwalls door...The woman appeared at her shuttered window a few moments later looking bleary eyed and differernt like out of sorts to what Mary was used to seeing in the tidy well kept Miss Dingwall but that didnt matter now... Mrs Sutherland needed a midwife or at least someone who might know what to do.... "Please oh please Miss Dingwall help us dear god, Mrs sutherland is aboot tae hiv a wean and ah dont know whit tae dae..".... Miss Dingwall ushered her in while she lit a candle then a lamp,, "Is there enough light in the hoose Mary, kin they see whits happening, kin a wummin no hiv a wean at a decent time"... its sounded daft to Mary, but she knew whit Miss Dingwall meant and they both carried a lamp covered well with a shawl to protect it from the elements into Marys da s had gone quiet and Mary feared the worst... she tried to see what was happening then heard a faint cry.... lying in a pool of blood was a tiny specimen like Mary had never witnessed....while Mrs Sutherland lay motionless... " Its boarn its boarn" Marys dad announced but visible shaking in the dark of the room.... "Here da heres another lamp Miss Dingwall kindly brote" and she put it on a stone table in the corner.... "Is Mrs Sutherland awright da" she asked... "Am no sure hen she just screamed wan long lingerin scream and passed oot..ah dont knwo whit tae dae"... There was an awful lot of blood but Mary had never seen a birth so didnt know if that was normal or not.... Miss Dingwall took over...tapped Mrs Sutherland on the face a few times and the woman stirred.. gave a wee smile and said she was tired... Miss Dingwall pressed hard on Mrs Sutherlands stomach, Mary was in shock wondering why she was doing this to the poor woman....Mrs Sutherland was groanin as if in pain once more... "Whit ur ye dain Miss Dingwall, ur there two weans tae come oot"..... Miss Dingwall shook her head, "naw Mary its the afterbirth, its no oot yer".... all this was new to Mary even although shed seen lambs born.. she hadnt realized that a womans body did all this. too... "push again Mrs Sutherland please, wan mer push"... the woman did her best through exhaustion and out it came thankfully... Mary was asked to dispose of the mess, and did but while boaking repeatedly, this was a lot for a young girl to take in and she wondered if having a child was all worth it......Two days later Mrs Sutherland was up and about again cooking and mending nets, life went on.. but still no word from Rory..

Mary turned sixteen, almost a full year had passed... her da saw the sadness in Marys face and said for a special treat he d take her to Glasgow as he had some connections there who might be able to find him work in the city.. hoping that he could make enough to take his family to Canada. to start a new life....Marys eyes brightened.... "Glesga da yer taking me tae the city, ah canny believe it.. all need a new froak da, wid that be ok?"..... her dad smiled and held her shoulders, "Aye yer a young wummin noo all ask Miss Dingwall and some of the other wimmin if they huv some dress material that they kin gie us tae help hiv a dress made..fur ye hen".. sure as eggs are eggs the small communtiy gathered round... Mrs Kale gave a bundle of blue ribbons and some thread,, Mrs Simpson gave three yards of a fine wool with some lace for a collar, and Mrs Kennedy threw in her white muslin underskirt that she had kept since her wedding years before... Mary was eccstatic and Mrs Sutherland got to work taking measurements for her dress to viist the city....Miss Dingwall lent a lovely straw hat to the outfit and Mary attached the satin ribbons to the back of it... Mary only owned a tiny piece of mirror so didnt know exactly what she looked like.. but if she had one she d have seen a young woman breathtakingly lovely that would turn many heads in Glasgow... as her father was to find out...

On the morning of their departure.. Mary was up early.. drying her hair while sitting outside the cottage, the wind made sure it dried fast even with her hairs thickness...she brushed through the tugs and tied it back neatly with some of the ribbons left over from her straw bonnet... then pulled on her muslin lace edged underskirt that she admiredd and wished it wasnt hidden then gave a naughty laugh to herself... Mrs Sutherland produced the dress in a paler blue than usually worn by the cliffs edge and Mary couldnt believe how lovely it was... the sleeves had lace edging that hung down and round the neck taken from a sketich from a paper delievered from Glasgow some months before... Mary tried it on and it was a bit tight round the bustline and a few inches off the ground, Mary wasnt sure if this was acceptable in Glasgow for a girls ankles to be seen but Mrs Sutherland said that she was still a young girl and dresses raised slightly were fine for her age... The other dwellers came round to admire her, women whos looks had faded fast living in the harsh conditions but their smiles said that they saw a beautiful girl before them and were proud... each gave mary a small gift of food for her and her fathers journey and they made their way over the burn and threw the backen to reach the horse and cart that would eventually take them to Glasgow.. a long long trip in an open cart, so Mary hoped the rains would stay off to protect her new clothes and bonnet.. thankfully it did, but the journed took much longer than she had thought, even having to stop off at an inn for the horse and cart to be changed to a handsome coach... Mary felt like a princess in the padded velvet seats with a driver wearing a top hat and muffler.. she was on here way.. a mile closer to her Rory... she smiled and sat back for the journey...

She must have dozed off and woke with loud shouting and the sound of wheelbarrows and seagulls.. she opened her eyes and was stunned at what she saw... big sail boats lined up along a wide river... with bridges over some with houses in the bridge. did people live over the water she thought... and she had never seen so many people before in her short life... barrows of goods were being shifted from the boats across the street and into warhouses or carts.. it was noisy and dirty.. she thought, to herself, this Glesga... as she had visions of high buldingins she d heard about from her father..and mother before she died .her fathere explained that they had entered through the docks area but would see more of Glasgow soon... just then she heard marching feet and her head turned quickly knocking her straw hat from her head... she peered out the coach window and saw mabye two dozen soldiers dressed in red marching down the road towards the coach.. she stared in amazement thinking Rory was among them but they all looked alike in their uniforms and about Rorys height so she couldnt tell.... she wondered where these Gallowgate Barracks were or if she was near touching Rory again.. Her father helped her out the coach and gathered their small bad of possessions that would keep them going for the three days they would stay in Glasgow.. while he conducted his dealings there... Mary was a bit scared of all the carriages , barrows and noise and gripped on to her fathers arm.. she looked around at two three and four story buldings not believing how they stood up....her dad lead her thru some streets leading towards Trongate passing beggars, and fish wives , Mary had never heard talk like this before, she thought they were all heathens with all the blasphemy her ears were witnessing...and form women too.. this was all new to Marys ears and she winced and wondered if Badbea was as bad as she thought.. but suddenly she caught sight of the Trongate and her attention was drawn to the beauty of some of Glasgow architecture a large hotel dominated the street with men in very high hats and fine clothes stood around the opening of this grand hotel smoking and passing the time of group of men broke their circle to gaze at Mary.. she didnt know why but her father looked slightly angry as the well dressed men looked mary up and down... she thought it was her strange clothes, not seen in Glasgow but no it was her colouring her hair her small perfect figure and her dress that was far too tight round her chest showing a bit too much above the lace... her father handed her his only handerchief and told her to put in on the bareness of her chest which she did... but all along the Trongate she got more admiring looks.. but still she thought something must be wrong with her never knowing the power she was having over all these men.. she was to find out..

The found a small hotel that was cheap and Mary got excited to have a room that you went upstairs to, Badbea houses were on one level and shed never seen stairs insisde a house only the grand house with stairs outside near Caithness like the one Rory lived this was a novelty to Mary who kept running up and down clicking her shoes on the wooden steps... Her fathers meeting was in the afternoon and he told Mary where to meet him in an hours time... Mary couldnt wait to be on her own and to find the Gallowgate then the Barracks....but he warned her to keep her shawl over her shoulders and to talk to no one.... she agreed.. and strolled down towards Saltmarket looking in shop windows in awe at the things on offer, even going into her small dorothy type cloth bag to check on her coppers and bought herself some boiled sweets in a brown paper bag.. then she crossed the busy street trying to keep in small groups for protection from the busy traffic.... once over she spotted a policeman and approached, he looked her up and down and asked what she was doing alone in the Trongate.. she answered that she was with her father who had dealings with a man in Glasgow , the policeman eyed her once more and asked what direction she was heading.. "OH ah need the barracks ah hiv tae find the Gallagate Barracks" the policeman raised his eyebrows took his high hat off and scratched his head... "whit ye wantin alang that end of toon lassie" he enquired.. "Aw am lookin fur ma Rory, he left me a year ago in Badbea tae jine the army and ah hivnae seen him since".. the policeman gave a wry smile , telling her that the Gallowgate wasnt the nicest of places for a young innocent girl.. Mary looked at him bemused. what could he mean.... "Dae ye mean ah might be robbed "she said, throwing her head back laughing... "ave nothing tae steal sir.. aw ah hiv is ma biled sweeties and some coppers and the claes ah staun in".. the policeman looked concerned pointed to where the barracks were but said she should go back and wait for her da before contemplating going down the Gallowgate.. but no Mary was determined.. she found the long busy street with overcrowded houses, a stench now in the streets, not like the hotel where the men looked at her smiling, this was like another town altogether, men outside pubs being sick or shouting obscenities, one actually tried to touch Mary as she passed, saying "cmere lovely lassie all gie ye tuppence fur it".. she wondered if he meant her sweeties. and rushed on.....she stopped a girl about her age, who was standing on a corner.. and asked where the barracks were..."bugger aff you, this is ma pitch, ur all cut yer throat".. Mary stood back in shock... "ah only asked where the barracks wur, ah dont want yer pitch whitever that is... " and she hurried on banging into a young lad pushing a wheelbarrow full of meat... "oh am awfuy sorry son" said Mary.. the boy smiled, and looked intae her lovely eyes.. "its ok lassie ur ye loast ave no seen ye here afore"... "Well aye ah um loast but ah need tae find the Galligate barracks dae ye know where they ur?".. the boys smile dropped now and he frowned.. "whit diz a nice lassie like you want alang there its no a nice place"... Mary frowned, "thats where ma Rory lives so it canny be bad" she said... The boy looked around towards the place and said, "look hen if ah wiz you ah widnae go near ther its a bad place especiall fur lassies and dont even think o gaun there at nights.."... "ah hiv tae find ma Rory bit , hes ma boy and we re gonny get merrid wance he leaves the army."... The boy stood pushing his cart in and out annoying other pedestrians... "look hen am Billy Murdoch ah live at 22 High st wae ma mammy and brother.. if yer stuck ataw ur in bother come up there and see me , ma mammy wull make yer tea.. noo wull ye mind the address..? she thanked him and said that aye she would remember.. and went on her way.... Drunk men seemed to be everywhere even some soldiers were falling about on the street some hanging on to dirty looking women with feathers in their hats in loud colours with boozy faces and a red uneven skin tone... they were drunk too... if Badbea had been forgotten by god what was this Sodom she was experiencing now... she walked on past street traders shouting their wares and many children runnin round with dirty faces and no shoes... how pitiful this place is... she thought.. then she noticed some flags and a high stone wall to the left of her journey.. and some soldiers milling around, her step quickened as did her heart. she was getting closer to her Rory at last.. Walking up to the main gate she was stopped by a guard with a gruff voice... "Whits yer business here Miss".... "Oh am looking fur ma Rory,, Rory Sinclair ,he lives here"... the guard said hed never heard of a Sinclair who live there, and asked her to move on... Mary stood her ground.. "No my Rory telt me he wiz coming here tae be a soldier last year and he widane lie tae me"... the guard looked at her and said she could try over the road in the pub and ask there but he had never heard of a Sinclair... Mary thanked him but thought there are hundreds of soldiers in there , and the guard cant know all of them. and went over to the pub facing the barracks.. Its name was the "Heilen Jessie" which made Mary feel at home.. as she could read a little and knew what it meant.. aye she thought they will make me welcome in there... walking through the door she was met with whoops and whistles.. some men staggering over to try and touch Mary but she withdrew trying to get to a woman who was standing there.. "Please miss dae ye know Rory Sinclair ataw, hes ma boy".. the ugly hard faced woman glowered at Mary, she had a scar the lenght of her full one side of her face and no teeth.. " yid better get yer numptie oot o here hen this isnae fur lassies like you, noo get tae hell ur all lose ma toe up yer numptie" Mary reeled back , she d never heard talk like this before, and stuttereed "am jist looking fur ma Rory hes an officer here at the Galligate Barracks "...the ugly whore turned to her again swigging a gin, "wance a man comes here hen he s no fit tae go hame tae any wummin , their aw drappin like flies here wae the pox ye know." Mary thought smallpox are they all dying with this horrible disease or some plaque... "all get him a doacter then if he needs wan". the ugly tart laughed loudly lookin round the pub for her punters to join in mocking this young lassie.. Mary looked embarrassed.. and asked what was so funny about the smallpox..... "its no smallpox hen, its the pox its a disease aw these soldiers hiv fae messing aboot wae dirty wimmin lke me" then let out a loud howl of a laugh making the crowded pub of drunks join in and mock Mary..... Mary still didnt understand and wondered if the woman was mad and left the premises being pawed on her way out making her feel sick and dropping her boiled sweets where they all rolled over the manky dirty floor.. she ran out into the street with tears streaming down her face.... and started back to the left towards Trongate to meet her father whos work would now be completed.. she hoped... OH her way through the crowds she heard a whistle in her direction.. scared to look up she pulled her straw bonnet further over her eyes and heard, " its me hen its Billy, did ye find yer man"....."OH Billy" she stuttered, with tears in her eyes""ah went tae the barracks and the guard chased me and telt me tae try the Heilen Jessie and it wiz horrible in there wae horrible people".... Billy stared at her earnestly... "ah did try tae tell ye hen whit this place wiz like, here dry yer tears " and handed her a dirty hankie he brought from his pocket... she looked at it and handed it back saying thanks......"noo tell me yer name lassie whit is is and why is a nice lassie like you alang this wye naebody o your class comes further than the High st.. ye canny hen this is a bad area"....Mary stared at him... "but Rory is in the army and hes nice, if hes here it must be ok, and ma name Mary, Mary Sutherland fae Badbea.." the words Badbea meant nothing tae Billy , he only knew the HIgh st and the Eastend of Glasgow and had never been further, even when he tried once to get over the Kelvin bridge he was refused years before because he wasnt wearing shoes.. over the Kelvin was for toffs.. .... Listen Mary, gie me five mins tae put ma barra away and all walk ye tae yer da ,,ok hen?" Mary nodded to Billy and waitied for him to return, twice had two soldiers over talking to her and asking how she was for business.. now Mary turned her head away and ignored them.. Billy kept to his word and returned with a full barrow of food to be delivered to the big hotel at Trongate.. "cmone Mary hing oan tae ma barra hen and all get ye tae yer da".... they walked together and for the first time in Glasgow Mary had a smile on her face as Billy gabbed about how life was there and how diffrernt for the toffs who lived further out the westend of Glasgow, he asked her once more if she remembered his address and pointed up the High st explaining about the closes there and how to find his tenement flat.. he liked Mary and wanted to see her again. wanted to be her freind and protector... Mary had a meeting place near Stockwell st to meet her dad and saw he wasnt there.. "Oh Billy wheres ma da, he said an hour and its over an hour where kin he be".... Billy said he had this delivery and then hed be finished work and would come back for her.. so she stood for another half an hour and still no father.. panic now was setting in, she had little money, no food but could mabye find her way back to her lodgings but thought no Ill wait for Billy... Another ten minutes and Billy came dodging horses and carts with a beaming smile on his face seeing this vision still waiting for him at Stockwell st corner.. he couldnt hid his joy at such a lovely lassie waiting for him....."is he no here yer Mary" Mary s face was contorted into a worried frown.. " oh Billy whit am ah gonny dae..kin ye come back tae ma lodgins wae me and see if ma da s there".... "Aye sure Mary nae bother be gled tae escort ye" they turned two corners and Mary recognised the sing outside the small hotel with vacancies on the door... they went in and asked if her da had been back... no was the answer, he hadnt been seen.. and then the proprieter asked Mary if she had money as the bill was still to be paid.... "Naw sir she said in her most polite voice ma da has aw the money"..... "well he d better come back ur yer no staying the night".... Mary looked terrified.. "Billy whits gonny happed tae me and wheres ma da" she broke down in floods of tears....."Mary uch Mary dont greet, we ll go and ask a polis if he knows how tae find yer da ok hen"......dutifully he did find one and asked him.. the policeman wasnt really very interested and said to give it a day then report him missing... Mary looked terrified and said she was alone in Glasgow for the first time.... and had lost her da....the policeman stared down at the pitiful wee soul sobbing on the street... "whit wiz yer da wearing hen.. he wiznae wearing a tweed jackit and broon hat wiz he.?" "aye thats him said Mary her heart racing hiv ye seen him?".... the policeman glanced sideways as if not wanting to look at her... "listen ma dear ah man answering yer da s decription wiz knocked doon a wee whle by a fire wagon racing to big fire in a factory up High st... this man died at the scene..... Mary stood numb then said "naw naw it canny be him other men wear those jackits and hats naw it canny be him... but the policeman asked his name and said paperes were found on the man and yes he was a Sutherland from Badbea..... Mary s life once again crashed to nothing what was she to do.. where could she go and what do to about her fathers body lying in the Glasgow morgue..

Filled with guilt and grief.. Mary went home to Billys house where she was made welcome, his mum a lovely caring woman, but her dad must have been buried in a paupers grave she didnt know what happened to him and couldnt claim his body as she had no money, and coulldnt go back to the small hotel either... her life was a mess... but Billys mum got her a job doing washings for better off women, it was hard word but Mary was grateful of her keep and food... but thought about Rory and thoughts strayed to her two brothers now left with a stepmum in Badbea and wondering where their father and sister were.....After a month living with Billys mum Mary once again went looking for Rory in the Gallowgate.. but no one had seen our heard of him at all.. she was devastated, not only that but if he was as he said a soldier for a few years they couldnt marry, would they live in sin in Glasgow or what would her future hold.... Billy was attentive and sweet to mary he would bring her small gifts on his way home from a hard says work.. just small trinkets sweets or ribbons.. and Mary felt a great bond and friendshiip for the boy.. but she saw him as just that A boy not a man like Rory was.. Rory was everything a girl would dream of.. Billy was slight with a pale face and slight squint in one eye. but the kindest person you could ever meet and Mary loved him like a brother.. sadly Billys feelings for Mary were much more and he had trouble hiding them.. even his wonderful mother Edi knew he had feelings for Mary only Mary was blinded by her love for Rory and never seemed to notice the boys love for her...... On her third visit to the Barracks she met another soldier, who said he could help her find Rory.. Mary either trusted this boy or was so desperate to find Rory that she didnt care... he took her over to the Heilen J essie pub again where he introduced her to someo of his soldier pals but none knew of Rory.... she was offered a drink which she refused but one soldier teased her that she was scared to take the drink.. and she gave in wanting to be accpeted and hoped it might find her , her Rory... she drank the horrible spirit that made her boak the another.. she felt giddy and light headed, and listened to bawdy songs by the soldiers before being lead out by one drunken soldier show took her up a lane or close as they were called in the Glasgow tenements where he used Mary in a way she meant only for her Rory... when Bily found her she was in a heap in the back close with clothes a mess and bleeding.. he almost punched the walls of the close with anger, partly at Mary for being so stupid and for this horrible place the Gallowgate for wasting the girl he loved in such a way... He carried Mary along the road as far as he could telling a policeman what had happened.. but the police saw so much of that in that area that it wasnt worth bothering about to be honest and was forgotten.. Billy had to put Mary down and make her walk the rest of the way to his mothers flat.. where the woman gave Mary water to wash herself and a hot drink... Next day Mary was very withrawn and not the same Mary who left the house the day before she was changed, in every way.. she had been harmed by poeple she trusted , she had been foolish not taking enough care and her whole world was crumbling, Even is she could find Rory he wouldnt want her now. damaged like this.. so she decided on a different life.. a liife on the streets of Glasgow...

Mary found peace in drink she started hanging around the "Jessie" on a regular basis, still very pretty she had no bother in picking up men who wanted her , if ony for a short time and it kept her in food and more gin.. she could numb her pain now with gin, and it became her God... she lost her self respect and only Billy seemed to care although she ignored his pleas not to go on the streets anymore.... six months later and Mary was pregnant, whos baby she didnt know or care about.. after a few months she was getting too heavy even for her trade and went to ask for help in the Catholic Church... the priest there listened to her story and told her that it was possible for her to be saved from her debauched life, and that of her baby.. but Mary now had the dreaded disease that all of these women suffered, and was promptly sent to the Lock Hospital in Rottenrow Glasgow.. this was one of the best kept secrets in Glasgow shut away from prying eyes where girls were "treated" for all these sexually transmitted diseases, treatments would consist of mercury baths.. which would kill more women than cure then... Mary thanked Billy s mum for all the help she had given and said that she was going in to the Lock to be cured, , Billy said he would visit but was told that no visitors were allowed as it would interrupt the cure as they called it.. the cure was both painful and degrading, but some girls did leave after training them in other professions if you can call it that.... Mary walked through the doors of the Lock run by the church and lost her identity as everyone did who went through those doors.. her baby died months before it was due.. caused by all this mercury cleansing as they called it.. there were more babies buried in small bundles at the Lock than anywhere, witnesss from high tenements near the Lock where they could watch nuns burying the small bodies.. Syphillis was seen as a punishment from God and only women were the carriers so these women were punished not only by mercury but by God too for their sins. some never left the Lock and people who worked there were sworn to secrecy of it every existing.. The soldier with syphillis and other TSD were treated in special wards of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary but these girls and women were kept for months for savage treatment and if they tried to escape were put in lunatic asylums.... Mary was no diffrernt but she was subdued and hurt by her actions in life.. she was only still 18 years old and was paying dearly for the life forced upon her....Thankfully Mary did survive she learned to sew beautifully , left the Lock in May of that year, she walked out into the Spring sunshine and thanked god she had survived such a sad place as the Lock , as many didnt...
part two to follow

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Re: My Own Short Story Based on Badbea

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part two Badbea ,

Now Marys life had changed, she had to make the right decisons in her life.. she had been given an adress in the West End of Glasgow as a seamstress to a well off family there with full board... this meant not returning to Billys mothers house in the High st, for now... As she approached the address near Byres road area.. she stopped to look at the handsome pale sandstone building with high arched windows and flowers in a beautiful garden. surely she thought this must be a dream.. she had never seen such a lovely house... as she approached two large dogs ran towards her , beagles she thought but they were friendly with tails wagging and she felt at home at last.. Approaching the door she saw a small sign with an arrow "Servants Entrance" was she a servant.. she thought so so followed the arrow round the back of the house where a brass bell stopper was on the wall.. the dogs tagged behind her panting and puffing and she smiled down at them....A portly middle aged woman opened the door.. with a grumpy cross look on her face "dont let those mucky dogs in ma kitchen lassie" and ushered Mary in.. "right youve come fae the church have you not."... she spoke in a mock posh accent where it could be heard she was from a lower class ,and was getting her slang a polite mixed up a lot... Mary said yes that she had come from the church but was uneasy admitting to it... the women ushered her to sit down , and her grumpy look was seeming to fade a little.... "so youve hid a baby then " she asked Mary..... Mary looked tearful and said yes but the baby had died early on... "jist as well " the woman said, but more embarrassed than offensive... "so you sew then, ur ye any good "... Mary took some of her work out her small bag and showed it to the woman.... "aye no bad no bad at all... noo lassie whits yer name, am Jessie.." the word Jessie put a shiver down Marys spine but she mananged to smile and they shook hands... "right Mary a cup of tea then all show you roon this big hoose , it hiz seven rooms ye know and two front parlours the Master is a fair man and you will have a half day off during the week and a Sunday free." Mary looked please, she had heard of the lovely parks she could visit and sit doing her sewing at the same time... Summer wasnt far away and the weather would be fine for the parks all around Glasgow....Marys mouth fell open as the doors of the rooms opened on what she thought was a palace.. the rooms were mostly fitted with carbriole legged dressing tables in dark wood with triple mirrors sitting at large arched windows with lace curtains ,, the smell of honeysuckle everywhere and bees humming outside the windows... her feet sank into the numeous patterned rugs and the slipped a little on the highly polished wooden floors. she loved the high ceilings, with ornamental edigings that she found out later were cornices, never in Badbea had she seen the likes of how these people lived.... Jessie lead her up a second flight of stairs to the attic rooms. and told Mary that one was for her, and the other two maids, the cook had her own room as did the nanny for the children... but even with three beds the room was pretty with lace bedcovers and matching cushions... a pretty dressing table , a rug on each side of each bed , a wash stand each a full length mirror with a large wardrobe,, Mary was very pleased....and hopes she would fit in...... later that day she met Alice the nanny a lovely girl not much older than Mary who she would become close friends with in time.....Her life was changing now but she still thought of her brothers and of course Rory...

Mary fitted in well and did her work good.. the Master and his wife were away a lot so the staff had small parties down in the pantry enjoyed by them all , The groom Liam had came to the last party they had , Mary had only met him once on the doorstep when they passed one another.. he was tall and reminded her slightly of Rory.. which made her uneasy , but he seemed a nice enough young man and they all laughed at their party, Mary never touched gin again she had learned her lesson as only had small glasses of ginger beer. life was good.. after three months at the big house Mary had her first wage and made plans to save to get back to visiti Badbea...she did write but nothing came back from her brothers.. After six months working with the family she would be allowed a weeks holiday so its wouldnt be long until that time came around.. she had asked Alice what she did on her holiday but Alice had been orphaned and had no one... Mary wondered if Alice might like to accompany her to Badbea or would she be horrified at such a sad place.. she put it in the back of her mind for now ..there was plenty of time.. On her days off she would sit on a bench with her needlework dreaming,, "Hello Mary penny fur them" she looked up and it was Liam the groom... "Oh hello Liam is this your day tae"... "yes ah asked fur a change of afternoon"..... he said... "Oh why did ye dae that asked Mary".... "Well Mary if am honest and ah am ah wiz hoping tae bang intae you and get better aquainted"... Mary smiled... thinking of her past and this handsome man wanted her time.... but she was still not trusting of all men and didnt give him too much encouragement turning in the bench to face away a little.... "aw Mary ur ye shy ur dae ye no like me"...... she smiled and looked at him..."so Liam what are your interests apart from walking in the parks/".... he smiled.. "well Mary Sutherlalnd ah love ma bike , football, and painting".... "Oh you paint Liam. could ah see some"..... "well Mary their no very good.. ave no been trained but ah enjoy sketiching and painting and wid love tae draw you..".... Mary blushed.. and wondered if he was joking.... "if ye dont mind Mary kin ah dae a wee sketch of you the noo while yer sittin ther relaxin?"..... Mary looked round to see he was carrying a large flat case... "uch aye on ye go Liam draw away all jist sit here admiriing the scenery, you cerry oan..."....after ten or fifteen minutes Liam produced a wonderful likeness of Mary which she loved... he said she could keep it for her room wall , then they walked home together.. stopping to gaze over the nicer parts of Glasgow the parts with no high chimnesy blowing out disease... her day was complete and she had a new friend..

Entering the big house Alice was walking downstairs with the famly children saw Mary and Liam and gave mary such a stare... Mary was puzzled and said a quick cheeiro to Liam hung up her coat and hat and went through to the nursery to see Alice.... the children were on large rocking horses laughing away but Alice looked sad if not a bit angry..... "Alice white wrong.. you look unhappy?.... "Why are you with liam" asked Alice.....oh hell thought Mary she fancies Liam and I didnt know..... "Alice whits the matter, is it you fancy Liam and your angry at me.. if that s the case all keep away from him we re just friends ye know, no harm in it"........ Alice came off the stool she was seated on a strode off to the large window playing witht he curtain tassles........." Ah thote ye knew" she said... "ah thote we hid an understanding"......Mary looked puzzled "Whit Alice whit understanding , am loast hen"....Alice s eyes filled with tears....."its nothing Mary really its nothing". Mary ran over to her and put her hand on her arm... Alice looked down and touched Marys hand..... "Mary its no Liam ah love.....its you ".... Mary pulled her hand away.. and thought no Im thinking this all wrong... "Alice I love ye tae hen but like a sister.".... Alice looked drawn..."naw Mary ah love you ah love you like ave never loved anyone before.".... Mary rocked back on her heels.. this she never expected and didnt know what Alice was on about.. Badbea didnt talk of things like this and nor did the "Heilen Jessie pub" surprisingly, this was all new to Mary....... "OH Alice you canny really mean this" said Mary...... "Oh but ah dae Mary a mean it more than ave ever meant anything fae the first time ah saw you that first day.. ah love you Mary".......Mary excused herself and hurried from the room.. almost shaking with shock....she felt that this cant go on and would go to the Mistress of the house and ask for her bedroom to be moved away from Alice.. but then what would the mistress of the house think of her.. she had to think this one through....should she leave her position and look for work eslwhere.. what a dilemma she was in once again...

Mary changed her day off as so not to meet Liam in the park giving him no expanations although she was attracted to him, but didnt want to upset Alice more.. Alice had become very withdrawn reading books and not making conversations either with Mary or Dot the maid who shared the room.. Dot didnt notice or care she was having a fling with the gardner and that was her life...All Alice mentioned was a great ball in the grand house at Blythswood where the master and mistress would attend. and might bring back guests to stay after the ball...Mary felt excited thinking of seeing all those grand ladies in ball gowns and men in shiny buttoned gave her something to look forward to...liam had passed Mary a few times in the kitchen but has politiely said hello and bustled passed leaving the young man wondering if she didnt like his drawing... but she had it up on her wall by her bed but of course he didnt know that..nor did Alice know who had drawn it and wouldnt... A few nights later there was excitement in the house as the lady came down the winding staircase in the most amazing dress Mary had ever seen... it was in black velvet with beaded straps that huing off her shoulders in three tiers, and matching feathers in her hair.. she was so beautiful followed by the master in top hat and tails , what a handsome couple.they made, the house staff crowiding round the kitchen door to see them.. The master noticed and called them all out to get a better view.. They asked if most staff wouldnt mind staying up late as they were brining guests back.. so they all agreed as it was so exciting.. to help out with drinks and food.... At eleven thirty coaches were heard on the gravel entrance to the big house.. its sounded like five or six.. the whole house was up and waiting , the butler opened the door, Dot waited to take their coats with the butler Mary was with cook in the kitchen.. only Alice was tucked up in bed. Mary hoped Alice might be moved to the nursery to sleep closer to the kids now that shed found out her confessions about her love.... One after the other beautiful dresses swished through the door , one dark red with feathers, and jet,, and a handome partner in black.. then a sky blue lace creation came throught the door... followed by what looked like cream taffeta with pearls.. beautiful they all thought then a soldier strode in an officer in full regalia.. handsome dark, and and Mary knew that face...... it cant be she thought, yes it was Rory her Rory escoriting this lovely vision in cream taffeta... Dot was busy taking his hat and her cape when Mary almost fainted.... cook had to hold her up.. "Whts the matter lassie hiv ye seen a ghost,, noo come oan get yerself the gether and help me serve the drinks oan the trolley..... "Ah canny cook ah jist canny"...... cook looked angry... "ano its no your joab lassie but ye said ye wanted to help" Mary looked for words but they wouldnt come out......"Oh cook please ah know that man the soldier wae the lassie in cream, ah jist canny go oot".... cook stared at Mary..... "dae you mean yeve met him , where did ye meet him whit kind o lassie ur you...?" her questions brought back memories to mary.. who backed away as if cook could see into her soul.... "NO cook its not like that ah met that man when ah wiz very young and we were in love back in Badbea"... the cook looked at Mary... "noo why wid ah man like that be in Badbea is that no a poor village where they put glen folk?" " Aye it is " said Mary.. "ah wiz wan o they poor folk he wiz the Lords brother who used tae come and check oan us and we fell in love" "My god lassie whit a mess this is go hide in the kitchen".... Mary couldnt get up to her room unless she came out the door in the kitchen or went out the servants entrance at the side so she chose to go out the back but how then could she get in the house without anyone noiticing.. she went round the back and saw a ladder belonging to the gardener and propped it against the wall.. holding her dress up she began to climb the high ladder forgetting the the bottom window didnt have the curtains closes and it lead into the dining room.. and who should be sitting at the table having a drink of rum... he glanced away from his lady friends and could see the outline of this creature scaling the building, thinking it was a robber he shouted "who goes there" and took out his sword from the sheath in a valiant manner, all the company rushed to the window just in time for Mary to disappear through the bedroom above window... the Master ran upstiars and caught Mary by the hand... "Mary why are you in here and why were you climbing up a ladder... ".. she spluttered out the reason and the master agreed that she should go upstairs to her room... and explained to Rory that it was just a maid who was locked out the servants entrance... the compalny including Rory stayed the night and now Mary worried about where she might hide during the day.. so she saw the master who gave her the day off so that she might go to the park.... Later on that day.. Rory was upstairs in the big house and got lost and wondered into the attic area where Mary room was... he knocked on the door but no one was there so he opened the door shouting hello anyone there and looked round the room... his eyes almost fell out his head , on the wall was the drawing of Mary in the park. .he couldnt believe what he was seeing.. and rushed out again downstairs asking the Master who the girl in the sketch was... Of course the master didnt know as he was never in the attic rooms.. but escorted Rory back upstairs to look.. He expalined that she was his wifes seamstress Mary,,, Rory asked if her surname was Sutherland and the master answered yes..... Rory had to sit on the edge of one bed.... "It cant be "he said out loud , this is the girl I was to return to but couldnt as I was in Egypt and badly injured "....."How did she get here?" of course the master knew all about the Lock and Marys past but wouldnt say.. he just said she had applied for a job with them and got it and was a good worker.......Rory lay back on the bed tears in his eyes.. all this time and he had never gone back for the lovely red haired girl who loved him.. how sad and guilty he felt.. why didnt he.. he loved her.. what happened , did he think she wouldnt have waited. who knows..

Mary returned though the staff entrance and sat down for a cup of tea with cook.. massaging her sore head at the temples... "Have they left cook" she asked... "Oh yes Mary long gone... but errrm one stayed behind.. a handsome lad," and handed over Marys tea... "have some leftover cake Mary you might need it"... Mary looked at cook... "is it ma Rory" she asked, diz he know am here" cook just smiled and said "well if ah wiz you ad look in the front parlour he s in ther the noo playing a card gemme" Mary froze... "ah canny ah jist canny he s forgotten me, he diznae love me".... "Well said cook ah hid a word wae the master and the man saw the sketck in yer room and near fell apart himself, go on hen , go and see the man"..... Mary got up walked slowly across the tiled hall and took the large heavy door by its brass handle and turned it... the door opened slowly and sitting in the middle of the room with a deck of cards sat Rory.. wonderful Rory , the only man she ever loved, the man she thought she had lost forever... he had grown , now more of a man .he stood up staring at the vision before him, she didnt need the flowers, frills , feathers and fans, this was his Mary Sutherland, the young girl he left behind , now more beautiful than ever.. but with a past that had to stay buried forever.... Mary stopped not knowing what to expect.. Rory rushed to his feet ran to her and covered her with kisses , there was a lot of things to discuss but the Lock and the Heilan Jessie would stay buried forever...

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Pronounced bad-bay)[1] is a former village by the cliff tops of the east coast of Caithness, Scotland, established during the Highland Clearances. Situated around 5 miles (8 km) north of Helmsdale, the village was settled in the 18th and 19th centuries by families evicted from their homes when the straths of Langwell, Ousdale and Berriedale were cleared for the establishment of sheep farms. The last resident left the village in 1911 and a monument was erected by the son of former inhabitant, Alexander Robert Sutherland, who had emigrated to New Zealand in 1839. Today, the ruins of the village are preserved as a tourist attraction and memorial to the Highland Clearances.

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