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Post by Alan SHARP » Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:09 am

Having a Senior Moment ?

Who don’t when trying to sort ancient relatives ?

Here are four questions to prove it’s NOT permanent.

1. What do you put in a toaster?

2. Say 'silk' five times. Now spell 'silk.' What do cows drink?

3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made
from blue bricks and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house
is made from black bricks, what is a green house made from?

4. Without using a calculator - You are driving a bus from London to
Milford Haven in Wales . In London , 17 people get on the bus. In
Reading , 6 people get off the bus and 9 people get on. In Swindon , 2
people get off and 4 get on. In Carmathen, 6 people get off and 3 get on.
You then arrive at Milford Haven .

Without re-reading, back to review, how old is the bus driver?

A 1. Not Toast, but usually bread, muffin, crumpet etc.
A 2. Not Milk, but usually water.
A 3. Usually Glass.
A 4. What – forgotten your own age ?
Now that is scary !


Anne H
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Re: Having a SENIOR MOMENT ?

Post by Anne H » Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:04 pm

:lol: You got me! :lol:

Anne H

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Re: Having a SENIOR MOMENT ?

Post by StewL » Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:09 am

I have to confess you got me too :lol: :lol:

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