Exchange of Information from Certificates etc.

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Exchange of Information from Certificates etc.

Post by DavidWW » Sat Apr 08, 2006 6:19 pm

Exchange of Spare Information

Scottish statutory birth and death registers from 1855 until well into the 20th century contain 3 records on each register page; marriage registers contain two records per page.

In other words we all have a lot of spare information which could potentially be of great value to others.

It's not the main purpose of TalkingScot to act as a site for the exchange of such spare information. Instead we would refer you to specialist sites which deal with such exchanges, such as run by Sue Lund.

Note that it is a breach of Crown copyright to supply someone else with a copy of a Scottish statutory extract (certificate) or a copy of an extract from a census or OPR entry, or the matching TIFF image from ScotlandsPeople.

However, the information itself is public domain, so that there is nothing to prevent the supply of a transcription of the information.


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